Welcome to our NEW Home! (some 'how to' guidance here)


First of all, why the change?

Because Wine Berserkers was founded quite some time ago, the software available for discussion forums wasn’t as complex and scalable as what is now available. We worked through all available systems to find the best fit, and are quite pleased with this system, allowing us a better user experience, FAR easier media sharing, and customizable interfaces, in color combinations, font size, even overall format (list versus category view, etc)

Tips and tricks:
(More commonly asked topics are posted as separate threads in the hope guides are easier to find for users - click the threads of each for specific instructions on each topic)


Private Messages and Profiles


Those ITB can now easily just add ‘flair’ to their accounts. On the upper right, you see ‘Groups’

Then you can join ITB by clicking ‘Join’

It should then give you the ITB ‘flair’ by your profile pic, but if not, in ‘Preferences’ (click your profile pic, upper right, then the person icon, then preferences) and scroll down in the ‘Account’ (default) section to ‘Flair’ - you should be able to choose ITB if you aren’t already pre-assigned another category. Note that BerserkerBusiness members have their own category flair already, and obviously that counts as ITB

System Email Addresses

Many of you have old email addresses in the system - I strongly encourage you to change those, update them, particularly given the rich feature set in notifications on this site.

‘Last Post’ and how this software manages your reading/viewing

Viewing Preferences - ‘View New Posts’ Etc

You can further customize your viewing preferences with the commands atop the forum, allowing you to choose by category view, ‘top’ posts, your own, unread, etc

Quoting text in a reply

VERY easy, and you can select which text you want to quote, if the entire post or just one part of it. Simply highlight the text you want to quote and hit ‘quote’, it will populate in the editor for you. You can scroll through the thread on the preview on the right and select quotes from multiple posts as well

Furthermore, if you already hit ‘reply’ but didn’t highlight any text, you simply hit the speech bubble icon and the post will be inserted into yours as a quote

You can easily use the quote function multiple times in one post, as expertly witnessed in this post by @CFu

Media Embedding

It’s made super easy here - you can screenshot images, copy them on your system (or mobile device) and just paste them in the editor. Instagram and YouTube links auto-embed as well, simply copy the URL of the page (don’t need to get any embed/share code, just the URL)


If you want to jump on a Zoom session, I have one open


Looks like this could be very nice, Todd, and I know it was a ton of work. I appreciate it very much.

2 things pop out for me, and maybe I have just missed where the options are, but I liked the fact that threads with unread content were in bold in on the old site. Can I make that happen here too?

Also, I like the links at the top and bottom that would take me back to the forum front page (Wine Tlak or Asylum eg). Any chance of adding that back? Or is it there to be optioned and I missed it?


FYI - the link in the banner announcement for the “Site Feedback” forum didn’t work for me. It timed out 2x. However, I was able to navigate here from the main site menu dropdown list.

Everything looks great so far. It will take a little work for everybody to get caught up to last post read, but then from there on out this should all be gravy imo!

And since it’s so easy to work with images now:


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That’s there - atop each page is a link to go back to that ‘category’

This has more features in that regard - look at the index page, you see what is new, what is unread from threads you HAVE seen

In all, I HIGHLY suggest everyone play around a bit - it’s very easy to learn, and be sure to review the link posted above with a bunch of helpful info. If only I had created a test forum that people could try out for two weeks, huh?? :wink:


I think the system thinks that every post in every thread is unread when you first enter the new forum. Once people start reading threads, they will see how the system handles new posts. I think it works really well after getting used to it.


Correct - this is everyone’s ‘first visit’ for now, but even just after responding I can see ‘last visit’ clearly marked - it’s very smart that way

Actually both are available here, just slightly different.

when a thread generates new posts you haven’t seen, you’ll see a small post counter appear (1,2,3,5 etc) showing how many posts you have unread in it. Click it and you’ll jump right to the first unread post

still there. if you look right under the banner you’ll see (in this forum) “side feedback - how to guide” - click that and it’ll send you back to the subforum

I see the link back to the forum page now. Thx.

If by index page you mean this https://www.wineberserkers.com/, I see that it posts recent threads from all the sub-fora but that isn’t what I was asking about. I never visit 10 or so of the 15 sub-fora; couldn’t care less about the most recent posts in cellar rats, eg. What I was asking about was whether I could have the titles to the threads in Asylum that have new posts in them in bold, as was the case in the prior version. I take it by your response that the answer is no.

I’m really not throwing shade on the new version, and I know I will find things I like about it. Just pointing out things I will miss on the off chance they can be resurrected

When I’m done reading a thread, I want to go back to the “latest” view (and of course I want that view to be refreshed) - the view that shows the threads with the most recent activity across all fora. That’s my preferred “home page” on WB. I see that I can go to the dropdown (three horizontal lines) in the upper right next to the search icon and then choose “latest” from that. Is there a “one click” way to do that?

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Go into your user preferences under Interface and use this dropdown:

Screen Shot 2022-08-16 at 4.13.34 PM

If you use the “Latest” view - yes it mixes together threads in different forums but it does seem to distinguish whether you’ve read them or not.

I LOVE this feature - this way your ‘default’ (clicking the wine goblet on the top left) takes you to whichever is your preferred choice, and you can change it anytime

I am confused by the comments on unread posts. I see that a counter appears if I have already read that thread but I am trying to figure out if there is a function similar to the Unread posts in the previous software. If I clicked on that it brought up all threads with new posts regardless of whether it was in wine, asylum or elsewhere. I could go through them, read what I want and then mark all read.

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If you are in a main forum with all the threads listed, eventually thread titles with new posts will look like this:


That circle with the 4 in it is saying that there are 4 new posts in the thread since I’ve last read it. Clicking on the circle it will bring you directly to the first unread post of the thread.

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Click “New” near the top of the page, it should do exactly this, I believe. If you read one thread and then go back to the “New” view it will be removed. There’s also a “Dismiss” button which I assume then hides them all…


I think this is only new topics not new posts. I can see threads that have new posts since the last time I clicked new and then dismiss but they don’t show up when I hit new.


When I’m on my home page, a banner will appear that says “See 1 new or updated topic” and I click on that and it “refreshes” the page - is there a setting that would make the refresh happen dynamically/automatically instead?

Also, you answered my prior question so I marked your reply “solution” to thank you and indicate that it worked, but now when I want to post a separate reply in the main thread, I’m getting a “this thread has been marked solved” message suggesting I start a new thread instead - so it seems the software interprets my “solution” as indicating the entire thread has been solved instead of just my question, even though your reply was threaded to my question and my “solution” was in response only to your reply.

Hey, first post in the refreshed WB.

So far only issue is I had to reload my avatar
Navigating is easier than I expected

Testing a gif

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