Virtual Tasting Series Compendium 2022 - WB Charity - 10th Year!

A Wineberserker Public Service Announcement
The 10th annual Virtual Tasting Series (VTS) is ready to go. The first week for 2021 kicks off the week before Thanksgiving and runs through the New Year giving those time to post a tasting note into the thread. Each week is hosted by a fellow Wineberserker who decides the theme, format, and the charity they’d like to support.

Matching Donations: if you’d like to co-host the current week by matching the donations then just post into that week’s thread “I’m matching” and any terms and conditions you’d like to add. A number of people have requested this and it’s a great idea so have look below and pick a week you’d be interested in matching.

Week__Date_____Theme / Host - Charity

  1. NOV18 - NOV29 - Anything Pinot Noir - Frank Murray - Laura’s House
  2. NOV30 - DEC7 - Chris Seiber - Open Your Worst Wine for Free Wheelchairs
  3. DEC7 - DEC14 - Jim Stewart “Story wine” for Semper Fi & America’s Fund
  4. DEC14 - DEC21 - PaulC Rosés for Médecins Sans Frontières
  5. DEC21 - DEC28 - TBD
  6. DEC28 - JAN4 - Bubbles/ Patrick_Taylor

Here’s the Compendium for the previous years.

2013 Compendium
2014 Compendium
2015 Compendium
2016 Compendium
2017 Compendium
2018 Compendium
2019 Compendium
2020 Compendium
2021 Compendium

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Okay, best time of year!

Interested in hosting a week just post here which week and we can work on a theme/etc. You pick the charity.

I’ll do all the heavy lifting, you just sit back and enjoy the fun and support for your charity.

First time hosting? Take a look at the compendium of past events for ideas. Or get creative and come up with something completely different.

The Grand Marshall of VTS, FMIII, has his thanksgiving week posted, starts the 18th.

I’d like to take Bubbly week again.

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can these threads be stickies as this runs?

Atta boy. I’ll make you pay that week.:partying_face::facepunch:

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@Chris_Seiber you have week 2.

Start thinking about a theme and charity. You have time

Seiber has a theme. Open your worst wine! Awesome, I have cellar full of candidates.

Playing for free wheelchairs.

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@Jim_Stewart is now week 3. He’s pondering a theme and charity. Lots of time to ponder!

Only two weeks remain open…

Post or PM if interested.

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Jim is set for his theme.

Theme: “Story” Wines
Charity: Semper Fi & America’s Fund

Fun! Oorah!

Two weeks still available

@P_a_u_l_Christensen is onboard for week 4 with a personal favorite, Rosés and donating to Médecins Sans Frontières

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Week 2 is up for viewing. Starts Wednesday

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Okay week 3 sponsored by Jim starts Wednesday. He’ll be working on the details

There’s still one week still open for adoption. I’ll let it soak for another week and of still open I’ll grab it! LOL