What de Négoce wine are you drinking tonight?


If you can, please post as much as you are willing about the background of the # wine you are drinking. Most don’t know what the #s are so helpful if you identify it by what it is, even down to “Cam said $90 retail we paid $12” etc.
Rodrigo B made a spreadsheet w/ all the info of each wine if you want a reference:

de Negoce spreadsheet by Rodrigo!

This has been suggested by multiple people so let’s do it.

The wines are about to arrive and everyone is going to have an opinion.

We’ll use this thread for tasting notes on de Négoce.

The other thread will be used for new offers and to praise and bitch about everything de Négoce.

MatthewT, de Négoce cult leader


Thanks for starting this thread, Cam. [cheers.gif]


This place is great! It’s easy to suss out who are the posh members and who are the tightwads simply by looking at which threads they post in.

de Négoce = skinflint
MacDonald = first rate

Lead on, Grand Poohbah of the bottom dwellers! We cheapskates are duly following your every command!

I’m just here for the validation of my purchases. Very rare for me to buy before I try and for me CH had a roughly 2 to 1 hit-to-miss ratio.
I’m hoping these are of slightly higher calibre.

Wine on the way! I received No. 1 in June. Flew from CA to KS with a couple bottles. Even though it was too early to drink them, we really enjoyed them. Looking forward to comparing notes when the rest (11) get here.

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Wow back to back new users? This this thread is already delivering.

Jules glad to hear #1 was good for you. Most (virtually all) have loved it. I mean it’s $10.

thanks for starting this…will likely be dipping into OG6 and/or OG7 next week assuming they deliver monday

I’ve had a couple bottle of #16 Sav Blanc. I am lacking in knowledge to even try to give it a tasting note but me and my wife both enjoyed it and were happy with the purchase. We found it very nice on a warm afternoon

Thanks for setting this up Matthew T. Once I start opening a few I’ll surely post here

Pobega’d an OG 6 last night, and… it was good. Drank like a $40-50 Napa cab. Very even keel over 3 hours of sipping. Good nose with the cork popping, just a bit of heat on the finish of the first two sips, but that resolved pretty quickly. Then went into cruise control and stayed in a good spot the rest of the night. Wife liked it, which helped me break the news of the other cases coming. Overall a good show for $15 landed. This will probably get me back on the DN train, as I paused after 5 cases to see what I was buying. Not disappointed at all. Nice job Cam

Coravined a glass of N.05 right off the truck. Nose is incredible. Big oak and red fruit. Hot for sure but that blew off in a few minutes. It is a bit disjointed and young at the moment, but there is potential here for a really good wine. All the elements I like are there, it just doesn’t mesh right now. It is so young on the palate, I just keep going back to the nose. Cam’s notes were accurate, minus the “velvety” finish. Just needs time.

Ian, I don’t think you have a clue what you are talking about. A lion doesn’t need to tell others he is a lion.


Hate Rombaur styled wines all you want.

It’s 65 and sunny in the burbs and a little cougar juice never hurt anyone

Drinking the OG 16 Sauv Blanc again tonight - killer, and helps renew my faith, given the convo in the main thread…

It’s not tonight and everyone has liked it but I’ve had 4 or 5 #2’s and I think it’s a phenomenal wine. #3 was also good albeit not as good as #2. Those are the only two I have had delivered thus far. My sister-in-law has had #16 and loves it.

Not tonight, but I have already received OG 1 and OG 16. Also don’t knowledge to give tasting notes, but I enjoyed both of them. For OG 1 I have been decanting it for at least a couple of hours. I do think both are very good values for the prices.

Welcome to Wine Berserkers! And thanks for the note.


Had the #16 and agree with everyone else that its a really really good Sauv. Blanc.

Popped a #14 Rose, which was… not good. It’s not offensive or anything like that, it just lacks flavor. It tastes like a bottle of Rose mixed with water.

So far DN is 1 for 3 for me, with #16 being awesome, and #12 and #14 missing the mark. I’m looking forward to getting my reds in the next few weeks.

Glad to hear so much positive feedback for #16. That’s one of the offers I bought on a whim and am really curious about