What de Négoce wine are you drinking tonight?

#17 is a Cab with small amounts of blending. Popped yesterday after finding the case waiting on my doorstep. (Whole “nother story.) Lovely, lighter weight Cab that is fresh and lively. Acidity is much more prevalent than most Napa Cabs that I’m familiar with and this is an great steak wine that cuts thru fat. No Flab on this one. My only dN purchase because I don’t usually buy cases but I am so glad i bit on this one! Will be even better with some bottle time. A real Bargain!

#17 is interesting cause it’s by far the cheapest cab sold to date. $10 for sale but we think a $30 retail cab. Both of them are the absolute bottom of the ranges.

And it’s pretty much universally loved. I think 2 people didn’t like it for 10 that did.

I passed on #17 but bought #20 the reserve.

Drank a N.09 last night. Not bad. Cam describes this one as “sexy juice,” and despite inducing a groan initially, it actually kind of fits.

Elegant wine. A little restrained on the nose, with ripe strawberry and a hint of leather. Fruit-forward, medium bodied, mostly strawberry and red cherry with a little rosemary, cola, and black pepper. Medium-plus acid and alcohol. Long finish. Still young. Excellent QPR at De Negoce price ($10), but less so at the supposed $45 retail.

I drank it right off the truck more or less, so it might settle down or age into something better.

I am finishing off half of the bottle from last night, stored in the fridge with just a cork - still fresh, lively, and damn tasty. I think you are going to be pleased.

#12 Napa Chardonnay…fresh off the UPS truck and in the fridge. My first impression is how fantastic the nose is. The palate is what I would expect from a normal mid level napa Chardonnay. I guess I expect less, but this is now the 2nd De Négoce wine that has over delivered for the price. I would easily pay $30-40 for this wine.

Selfish request: I’ve got dozens and dozens of dN cases coming…most of which I intend to leave untouched for months, and most likely years.

That said, in addition to the whites, Rosé and possibly Pinot, some reds will likely be drinking well sooner rather than later. Any drinking window guidance you can provide will be MUCH APPRECIATED.

I opened #06 last night a few days after having received it and thoroughly enjoyed it for $15 shipped (pre tax)

Cracked a #2. This is prob 5th I’ve had. Seems to taste better every time. Thoroughly happy with this one.

The aroma is really nice. I set up myself a semi-blind last weekend with 2018 dN#12 NV, 2019 dN#23 Carneros, 2018 Claudine RRV, 2016 Dehlinger RRV, and 2016 Smith-Madrone Spring Mtn. dN#12 got highest score in aroma, and tied with Dehlinger for the highest total score. Pleasantly surprised when the result was revealed. dN#23 finished last, but not by much.

Interesting to see the wildly divergent views on #12. Impressive that Richard put it over the Claudine, which I’m pretty sure is DuMol (and should be exact same wine). I didn’t order #12, but if that’s basically the worst reviewed one so far (other than maybe the 14 Rose which I don’t care about) I’d say that’s pretty good. As someone with a very non-fussy palate I’m pretty optimistic on all of these



#1 was a $10 wine with 14 reviews and a 90 score on CT fwiw. I believe MM is the only person who hasn’t liked it. I haven’t gotten it yet. It’s the most likely to be an actual shiner given 6666 cases sold and words “exact” in the SF article. It might be young but I’m guessing it’s an absurd QPR for $10.



Think it mostly has to do with oaky/buttery preference. If you like oak/butter you will enjoy it. If not, then you wont.

Point of order…
When somebody posts “I drank a #[x],” can we also post the variety (and preferably appellation)?
I personally can’t remember what each of the dozens of numbered wines is.


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Oh, I thought you flat out did not like it. Sorry.

I guess seems safe to say #1 #2 and #11 are all good QPRs for you? I think those 3 are some of the strongest offerings QPR wise, btw. (With only trying 2). I’d add 6, 8, as well. No clue how to view 20+ until people try. He hiked prices and it’s a crapshoot more than the 1-11.

This ^^

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That’s a good idea actually. I second. Say the # and if possible post as little or much about the # as you feel obliged so people know wtf it is. Can be price, appellation, even a short description. I edited top post suggesting.

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