CHIRON - Cabernet and Grenache @ up to 60% OFF - EXTENDED THROUGH THE WEEKEND

Hello and Happy Berserker Day 14!

My name is Bobby Moy and I am the founder and winemaker at CHIRON (pronounced Shee-RHONE). Our first vintage was 2015 and your continued engagement with us through the years has contributed to our ongoing success. We are a small winery located in the Napa Valley that also makes two other labels: Brevity and Black Powder. Those labels are represented today as well: (Brevity Offer) and (Black Powder Offer).

I am a Napa native that has worked all over the West Coast from Oregon all the way down and through the Central Coast of California. I moved back to Napa in 2013 and have since worked with Joel Aiken, Thomas Rivers Brown, Frederic Delivert, and Corey Beck. In addition to CHIRON, I am the winemaker for a few other labels here in Napa Valley. Please visit our Brevity and Black Powder offerings today! CHIRON is my heart and soul, where I make about 1500 cases per year of 100% varietal and vineyard designate wines. I love all the wines I make, but I am particularly passionate about Grenache. I lstrive to foster what I feel is the best expression of the site; preferring native fermentations and highly integrated oak. I’m very excited to share these wines with you today!

Welcome Berserkers to BD14 and CHIRON’s offers!



Take a look at the CellarTracker reviews to get a sense of how much folks are enjoying our wines!
Cellar Tracker Reviews

PRE-RELEASE: The first three offers are wines that are not on my website yet. They are due to be released to my mailing list in March. You guys get first dibs!

Offer #1: 3 x 2021 “Unfamiliar Truth” Grenache - ($50 SRP) 175 cases made Regularly $150 + shipping of $35…offered Today Only @ $99.
Now, this is how Grenache should taste. From Denner, Spear and Portico Hills vineyards. A medium to light-bodied wine with alcohol @ 13.8%. It has incredible spice notes from the 100% wholecluster. The fruit profile is intoxicating. With rhubarb, blood orange and pink peppercorn in the aromas and flavor. Tannins and acidity give the wine lift and strength. A wine that I could just enjoy all day, every day.
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Offer #2 and #3: In 2020 I had the opportunity to pick up some excellent vineyards at the last minute due to some wineries being worried about smoke taint. After extensive testing, I pulled the trigger on two separate sites. One is Meteor Vineyard in Coombsville and the other is a vineyard (that I cannot name) in the foothills west of Oakville. These wines were bottled last summer and are just starting to really shine. They are one-off wines and I am offering them to you at distributor pricing! Back up the truck Berserkers!

if any of you are concerned about smoke taint, I understand. DM me and I can send you the smoke taint analysis for each wine to leave you reassured that these wines are sound and free of smoke taint. I would never bottle a wine with any kind of fault.


3 x 2020 “Bolide Cuvee” Coombsville Cabernet Sauvignon - ($85 SRP) 350 cases made
Regularly $255 + shipping of $35…offered Today Only @ $120.
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3 x 2020 “Bolt of Cloth” Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon - ($115 SRP) 200 cases made
Regularly $345 + shipping of $35…offered Today Only @ $150.
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On to some Cellar Selections:

Okay. We are Almost sold out of the 2015…I can only sell four more verticals (19:00PT)
Offer #4:* “Paint of Moonlight” Four Year Vertical" - 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, Pelkan Ranch Vineyard on the summit of the Mayacamas Mountains in Knights Valley ($95 SRP)
Regularly $380 + shipping of $38…Today offered @ $240
We decided to dig deep into the library and are offering 20 verticals. Our most popular offer every year, this will sell out quickly. If some of you have specific vintages that are your favorite, please shoot me an email (see below) and I will honor the same pricing on a four-pack of any particular vintage, unless we are sold out.
1 x 2015 CLICK HERE for more information on this wine
1 x 2016 CLICK HERE for more information on this wine
1 x 2017 CLICK HERE for more information on this wine
1 x 2018 CLICK HERE for more information on this wine
TODAY ONLY @ $240 including the shipping!
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Offer #5: Final library sale of 2015 “Unfamiliar Truth” Grenache! This wine is really in a great place right now and we are going to let 20 lucky people go home with a three-pack of our original Grenache release. After that, the library will be sealed on this wine forever. This is last call!
Cellar Tracker Notes on This Wine
3 x 2015 Chiron “Unfamiliar Truth” Grenache - Mt. Veeder - Napa Valley ($60 SRP)
****Regularly $180 + Shipping…Today Only @ $110 with shipping included
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Lastly, I hold a raffle after the event for everyone that replies to this thread telling the Berserker world how stoked they are on picking up some of these offers. For every order, you get one entry. So, that includes Black Powder and Brevity too! The winner will receive a signed Magnum of Grenache! I will let you all know who won the raffle after the 49ers beat the Eagles this Sunday.


We have a lot of trouble shipping to the following states: AL, AR, DE, KY, MS, OK, RI, UT … if
you live in one of these states and would like our wine please DM me

Orders will be processed within the next week and shipped by our fulfillment center around April 10th. I will send you a reminder the week before shipment. Let me know if any of you need to place a hold at that time. Otherwise, you will be notified upon shipment with a tracking number. PLEASE use a BUSINESS address if at all possible.

I can’t thank Todd and the rest of the Cru enough for creating a rich community of wine lovers that has thrived for the last 14 years!
Holler at me if you have any issues with ordering: c:805.215.8283


Super excited to get the Unfamiliar Truth after tasting your wine at Berserkfest! Go Niners!

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Thanks for the order Leslie! That was a great event. #drinkmoregrenache


Picked up a nice assortment Bobby, looking forward to tasting now and later!

That was a SOLID pick-up Scott! Glad to see you back for another year!

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Hi Bobby,
Quick question. I was looking at your website and was curious about tasting at the winery. Can we just pop in or should we make a reservation when we are in town this summer?


Hi Dane, I do all the tastings myself. Thus, they are by appointment only. Just shoot me an email when you have some dates you are working with and we can see what works best for both of us. I would love to host you!

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I’ve ordered Bobby’s grenaches the past two years(this makes year #3) and really enjoyed them. You won’t be disappointed!


We so enjoyed Bobby’s wines last year, and enjoyed visiting the winery just as much. Excited to get these as well!

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In for a pack of the library grenache, but stupidly forgot to use BD14 for free shipping. Doh. Excited to try the wines though!

No problem Sophie. I just refunded the shipping for you. Thank you so much for the order! Don’t forget to check out our awesome offers for our other brands: Black Powder and Brevity

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Nate, excited you selected pick up! It’s been too long since you’ve stopped by. Thanks for the solid order bud


Nice. My unofficial brick oven pizza wine. :muscle:

Go Brock Purdy.

Absolutely Matt! That Grenache goes with pizza all day, every day. Thanks for the order!

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big fan of “Paint of Moonlight”

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Gotta go with Offer 7

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This year will be our 9th harvest at Pelkan Ranch. Just a wonderful vineyard! I’m glad we can show people the potential of Knights Valley cab in the “Paint of Moonlight” bottling. Thanks for supporting us since BD10 Mark.

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Amazing - thank you! May be back with more at my next work break…

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Bobby is not under the radar any more and rightfully so. His wines are glorious.

I drank the 2017 Nectar Dance and 2018 “Last Dance” Chardonnays as well as the BD13 Grenaches and really enjoyed them… I’m in for the 2021 “Unfamiliar Truth” Grenache deal and am passing on the Chardonnay only because I’m over-stocked in that category.

Haven’t touched the BD13 “Paint of Moonlight” Three Pack Vertical yet but I can’t say no to this generous 2020 Cab deal. Bobby’s been a pleasure to work and you can trust him when he says smoke taint won’t be an issue.