You know you have too much wine if...

You know you have too LITTLE wine, when a good friend of yours (with a MUCH larger cellar) tells you he is almost done with updating his inventory. . . only has around 67 cases left to go!

To inventory everything I have probably takes 2 hours.

and almost buy your own stuff back till you realize it is yours.

… you find a half-case of '02 Sauv Blanc

Dept of Accuracy: that would be Mr Weir’s mantra.

Great thread.

One thing I notice is that I tend disproportionately to drink the wines that are in boxes and not yet put into proper storage and inventory, just to save the hassle of eventually having to inventory those wines. But it makes no sense, since (a) I don’t usually know what/where those wines are, so I waste time rummaging around boxes, and (b) those are more often (not always) young wines and it doesn’t make sense to be drinking those ahead of the older bottles in storage.

That’s only one of about 20 ways that I know I have too much.

Your right Barry but Jerry took Bob seriously, way too seriously! !

Not even a joke.


…if your first question in renovating a house is “how much will it cost to excavate and underpin that part of the house? Yes, I know it doesn’t make sense for resale, but if I can offset storage costs it totally makes sense.”

Dept of Acccuracy, Pt. 2: Mr Weir’s mantra would be “too much of everything is just enough.” [basic-smile.gif]

Dept of Irony: billing oneself as Dept of Accuracy by setting out to correct others with a statement that is not entirely correct itself. :slight_smile:

When your wife tells you that for every bottle of wine you buy from now on, you have to sell one.

While re-arranging your locker, you find cases that you completely forgot you had.

…and for every new bottle of wine that you buy she gets to buy a new pair of shoes. She is on a shoe blog and believe it or not there is a similar thread about where to put all of these shoes and how to sneak them into house without us knowing - too funny!

FIFY, I could live with those rules.

I just know some days. Other days I forget.

You smile when another polar express weather system is announced.

if you’ve posted in this thread and still responded to an offer or three today.

That is funny, when I read something and say “I’ve got to get some of that wine,” then I look it up on CellarTracker and I already have a few bottles of it.

You get really annoyed when you bring multiple bottles to a dinner with “civilians” and they don’t want to drink them all so you have to bring some of them home.

Sometimes I bring more home that I take. [truce.gif]

I began to wonder late last year. At that time, I was one of those guys who had boxes everywhere because all of my home storage space was full. I thought my problems were solved when a neighbor of mine, who was moving back home to Australia, gave me a nice price on a 160-bottle wine fridge. That thing was completely full as soon as I got it home, and I still had boxes full of wine.

I also have more than 100 bottles in a storage locker in California. I have not visited there in years. Someone please help. [truce.gif]