You know you have too much wine if...

…you have boxes filling your home office from BerserkerDay, and more boxes next to the cellar, and look forward to your next two trips as then you can get rid of some and open up space in the cellar!!!


I can’t get into my cellar–no room.

I just received Cabot and Dehlinger today…and am expecting some '10 Brunello soon…and am keeping nearly a dozen bottles of Champagne at Envoyer without picking up, since I have no space.

Try drinking some of it.

Every night this week so far, and most nights last week…but when you receive 6 and 12 bottles at a time, it’s tough to keep up, unless you are Dietz

You hope PC will take longer.

I stopped by my offsite the other day… Rearranged to fit two more cases. I still have so much more pending. I got two ship notifications just today.

I have their largest locker, so I might need to get a second locker.

Excellent. Pathos.

It’s probably our fault for viewing the MI thread so much… sorry. All those view bucks were burning a hole in your pocket.

This is really funny. So why am I weeping?

Your locker is so stuffed that you still have your last Bedrock order stored in your computer room at work with another order coming soon…not to mention Berserker day orders piling up…ugghh

You know you have too much wine if…

You still have some left when you’re dead.

Between now and that day, I plan to consume of as much as I can.

Out of consideration for the survivors of course. Less for them to have to deal with.

Or Churchill.

you just …know.


GREAT idea! Never thought of that. It’s temperature controlled and the coolest place in the office. AND it has the same alarm system as my cellar at home! I know where I’m moving the three boxes sitting in my office later today.

you have 8 cases which won’t fit in cellar space and is stored in closets.
Then you plan a party to clear room for the pending arrivals.

Party at Todder’s house! Scott and I can caravan over.

Todd, I’ve got East Coast storage for you when you put on your ‘roaming’ profile. [cheers.gif]

You’re getting scolded again as you walk through the door or the visa arrives.

Tsk, tsk, tsk . . . so amateurish! The “wine” visa should not be the “house” visa. [wow.gif]