What bottle of wine did you open today? (Part 2)

Love to read a note on it, have a mag of this somewhere.

Thanks Robert. I kinda hoped you said it sucked, as I am trying to find some wine to sell :grin:

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Hi Kris, as you can imagine no notes taken in this setting!

Impressions as follows; youthful but quite approachable. Somm brought it to the table in a decanter but no idea how long it was decanted. It showed all those desirable Giacosa hallmarks; beautiful floral nose, lovely dark
red fruits and super fine but abundant tannins. Actually had very good acidity for a 2007 and did not show any of the vintage’s tendendacy towards over-ripeness. Still has plenty of time to develop more tertiary notes and complexity. It was still quite primary, but as I said very drinkable and enjoyable.

Last I had the 1998 was in January of this year and I liked it a lot but noted that it was pretty much fully evolved and should be drank now or soon. Did your bottle show the same way or was my last one an outlier?

A highly rated (and priced) Tasmanian Chardonnay.

The nose of a paint shop, ashtray, overripe grapefruit. Overbearing acidity, unbalanced.

Not mine, the rest goes in the risotto.

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Small local producer, lovely bright fresh style. Drank at an amazing restaurant in Taormina (Osteria Rosso Divino). Dirt cheap for the quality.

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It’s completely at apogee but I’ve given up trying to prognosticate when these wines will fall off a cliff. They seem to go forever. I’m in the drinking window for my remaining 6 bottles, maybe hold 2 for the much longer cycle.

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I don’t post much in this thread, but I feel that this wines deserves a mention :smiley: A testament how well natural wine ages and how much pleasure it can deliver…

  • 2004 La Star (Josette Médeau & Pierre Weyand) L'Inédit de PiR - France, Loire Valley (6/9/2024)
    Definitely one of the most unique wines I’ve had. Amber to brown color. The nose is very interesting and fragrant with lots going on. There are notes of honey, orchard fruit, minerals, floral components, a hint of cantaloupe, and tamarind. Good acidity and quite textural palate with similar flavors, orange zest, and more honey. Long finish. This is quite the experience. The high alcohol is noticeable but not at all distracting. It reminds me vaguely of a Macvin but it doesn’t have the viscosity. Fascinating stuff! (95 points)

i believe the mayor of the town is involved in the cultivation of the 80 year old carricante vines!

Julien Labet - Fleur de Chardonnay 2018
Reduction, preserved lemons and a good acidic backbone. I somehow appreciate the Savagnin more, but it’s a really nice bottle for the price I gave back then, at 20€. Can stand a few more years of age but I’m happy with it here.

Domaine de la Fauterie - Cornas 1996
Bacon, berries and animalistic notes. It seems a little tired but there was also a tiny bit of seepage and the fill level was a little lower than my other bottles. Will write it off as a bad bottle and try more.

Jacques Lassaigne — BdB Millesime 2006
Beautiful straw color and viscosity. The bubbles are mellowing out quite some, but as I like to see the champagne for the wine it is that’s all good by me.

Quite some reduction and oxidized stone fruits presenting itself and leading into a long balanced finish. It’s in itself not overly complex, but just a very pure and powerful display of clean Chardonnay. I like it very very much.

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Kita approved


Claire Naudin - Orchis Mascula 2017

I just love this cuvee. Floral, earthy and berries through and through. Stemmy and tannic underneath it all, but it seems to be integrated really well right now. To me it seems that she’s always striving for a cold vintage style with her flower range, and I really like that.


Fun lunch where I picked wines specifically for a buddy who was part of the tasting group!

Marguet Shaman 19
Rich, complex, spicy. The bubbles are a little on the weak side and this bothered some. Not me. We drank the rest with a Brillat-Savarin before dessert and it worked real well. Very ripe and layered while still no dosage.

Lopez de Heredia Gravonia 2015
Double decanted 2 hours ahead of time.
Lanolin, petrol, chamomile, ripe stone fruit and citrus. No one got this right (Chenin from Loire, Marsanne, etc). Not easy if you’ve never had this. Very good. Still needs time to show some oxidative undertones.

Clos Floridène 2005
Opened 2 hours ahead.
Ready to go! Beautiful deep golden color. Citrus, dried herbs and vanilla cream. The texture is wonderful with oiliness but a bright citrusy finish. Guesses were also all over the place. Best guess was SA Semillon.

Okro’s Wines Saperavi Budeshuri 2016
Double decanted 2 hours ahead of time.
Blind guesses starte with Bordeaux and Morgon. Ripe cherry and earthy with sligthly grippy but fine tannins. Good wine.

Kanonkop Estate Wine Pinotage 2016
Double decanted 2 hours ahead of time.
Everybody else’s WOTL (mine were the Marguet and Clos Floridène). Ripe red berries, plums, pie spices and vanilla. Nothing too overt though. Acidity is on point to carry the red and black berries on the palate. Long finish. Good.

La Rioja Alta Viña Ardanza Reserva 2015
Double decanted 2 hours ahead of time.
Still tannic. The nose is que nice and integrated with ripe berries, plums, leather, coffee and sweet spices. The palate is ripe but with good mineral freshness. Good.


Domaine Jean-Claude Marsanne St. Joseph 2016

Splash Decant. Nose: classic N. Rhone, sauvage/blood/iron/smoked meat, really nice, could sniff all night. Taste: Savory black cherry/dark fruits, black pepper, with some crispy acidity. No bacon or any of the smoked meat notes from the nose. Great with a grilled T-bone. Saved some for the next day and it lost all of the intriguing flavors so I’ll drink the rest up soon. Should have opened one sooner; damn 15-year rule!


The color on this:


A couple winners:

  • 2021 Domaine Charles Audoin Marsannay Les Favières - France, Burgundy, Côte de Nuits, Marsannay (6/11/2024)
    Ripe black cherry fruit, spicy, contrast of velvet soft meets a welcome bite of med tannins, acid and bitter cherry; concentrated yet not heavy. 13% Alc.

    A delicious glass of unpretentious pleasure, this is everything I hope for from Burgundy. Surprisingly open/approachable even at this early stage. Reminds me of Berthaut Gerbet’s Fixins (another favorite in our house). (94 points)

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Larmandier Bernier Longitude Blanc de Blanc nv . A new favorite producer for us. Its non-vintage but someone wrote “old” on the back label so… “not young”?

Lost of toasty-yeasty bite here backed by balanced acid and that BdB lightness. I loved it, reminded me of another house favorite, Marguet.


Have a 2021 of this that I’m really looking forward to try…

The etching visible on the bottom of your second picture indicates the Longitude is based on the 2019 vintage and was disgorged in the last 18-24 months

Thank you! Nice pick up there.

  • 2014 Laurent Tribut Chablis 1er Cru Montmains - France, Burgundy, Chablis, Chablis 1er Cru (11/6/2024)

    Immediate, expressive nose that I thought showed well-judged oak use but read that élevage was done in old oak barrels. Also had some reduction that blew off Rich citrus fruit with a creamy texture while still retaining a high level of acidity and freshness. Layered fruit with very good depth and salinity. My first experience with this producer and very impressed with the gravitas shown here. (93 points)

  • 2021 Pierre-Olivier Garcia Brouilly La Folie - France, Burgundy, Beaujolais, Brouilly (11/6/2024)

    Guessed a new-school 2020 Burgundy. Was surprised that this was a ‘21 since this was quite dense and dark but it became lighter and more elegant with air. Liked the purity of fruit and silky texture but disliked the candied nature and overt greenness from under-ripe stems. (90 points)