What BEER are you drinking? (Part 2)

Funny that I didn’t see the name on the post (was too big for my screen), but the minute I saw “Nelson”,


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Couldn’t say no to this one, brought it back in my luggage.

More gravy than I remember…

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Been sampling Younger this week and this year is a great batch. Not an in your face sour hop bomb by any means. It’s super balanced malt and hops. Smoother than any year I can remember. The 10.25 ABV is dangerously well hidden.

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Stout month in Astoria and this is Waves of Silence: Gangplank, a riff off Ft George 1000 Years of Silence Mexican Chocolate Stout.

This one layered with anise & chilis, comes in at 9%. It’s upper right on crazy/hawt sex graph.


Arrow Lodge - “Mojo So Dope” NEIIPA
Citra, Galaxy, Mosaic, and Simcoe on the hop bill.
8% alc.
Absolutely awesome stuff! Bought last week at the brand-spankin new taproom they just opened in the Arts District in DTLA. IMO, Arrow Lodge is pretty much on par with Monkish when it comes to hazies, and I’m thrilled a trip to Covina is no longer required to visit them!

also stopped at the following places last weekend, when a longtime buddy was visiting from out-of-town:
Arts District Brewing: beer was ok, at best; setup was very kid-friendly, however.

Common Space: the beers were fine, but not good enough to make me want to go back. If this was my neighborhood joint, I’d go.

Highland Park Brewing: it’s kind of bonkers that we’d never been here, until now. Overall, thought the beers were very good, but was simultaneously disappointed, too. The beer line moved terribly slowly. I think between the three of us we must have sampled at least 8 different beers; I don’t get the hype.

L.A. Ale Works: pretty good.

Monkish: nothing really needs to be said

Beachwood: nothing really needs to be said here, either, EXCEPT apparently they are no longer doing BBQ, and their kitchen hours are now drastically scaled-back. This worries me.

Said goodbye to my local place in Seaside as I’m heading out from PNW this week.

Truly excellent 26th Anniversary Ale from Firestone Walker. With Hair of the Dog in Portland defunct now this may be the best American Strong Ale going today.

On draught — at Hop & Vine Bottle Shop and Taproom. Goodbye Seaside.


Vinnie added Nectaron to this years hop bill. Always evolving !



Monkish - “Rinse in Riffs” DDH NEIIPA
Citra and Galaxy on the hop bill. 8.4% abv.
I really dig this one — it leans pretty dry, and more on the crisp side of hazy double (particularly for Monkish). Light stone fruit and some bitter/pithy tangerine and grapefruit. Seems to be Citra-dominant on the palate, and then the Galaxy shows strongest on the bitter, somewhat grassy, finish.


Green Cheek Beer Co. It’s What We Like Here! Nelson. West Coast IPA, 7.2% ABV. Hopped entirely with Nelson Sauvin Hops from Freestyle Farms. So the best all Nelson hopped beers I’ve had so far this year are both from Green Cheek, their DDH Hazy offering, Just One Thing…Nelson was absolutely incredible and now on the heals of that Evan drops his new school westy with all Nelson hops. The diesel just leaps out of the glass, fantastic aromatics. Flavors show passion fruit, gooseberry, Sauvin Blanc skins, crisp green table grapes, pineapple, and green melon. Gorgeous long dry finish. Available at the brewery only.

Highly Recommended,



LA beer tomorrow fellas? Have to be in Santa Ana on the way to Yucatán.

Which way you headed after santa ana?

Phoenix, cross at Nogales.

K, we’re in SD at the moment, not on your path.

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Go to North Park Beer Co!

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I really don’t drink beer…but this was nice!
Does this stuff age???

Umm…intended to drunk within 30 days of bottling per Vinnie the brewer. Always check the bottled on date. There is quite a bit of old Pliny out there due increased production from the brewery expansion and running way over budget on the new brewery (this was pre-pandemic). Drink the cork and caged Belgium style beers with confidence. They are very good to great (for my palate) and age wonderfully.

This weekend was Side Project’s release of multiple different BA coffee stouts on draft for the Maplewood Coffee Crawl. I indulged in many of them.

As of late I’ve really been into Ghost Town Brewery from Oakland, CA. Their selection can be a bit hoppy and a bit on the pricier side but damn if these aren’t some of the greatest beers I’ve tasted in a long time. Great to sip on slowly after a long day

I never knew…

Just another level of richness cont…