The Bourbon Thread

Me too (I have plenty of Floodland).

Both are very objectively good whiskeys, but also very different. If can purchase at or near MSRP then would recommend - even if for gifts like you mentioned.

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The Penelope 9yr. Black label is a very solid pour.I gave away all my Floodland, got tired of the whole shtick.Bourbon prices are starting to soften noticeably.I could have picked up Michters barrel strength rye from 2 different places yesterday for $130 which is probably msrp or close to it.

I’m all about the BS Rye at $130! DM me where!!!

Had a pour of Michter’s 10 year Rye today, pretty nice. Loved the spicier, tangy notes, and the noticeable reduction in oaky sweetness I find in too many bourbons. If only if was availability and affordable lol


Out of state

I also posted this on the Costco thread in Wine Talk. Saw a bunch of St. Cloud Small Batch at the Danville store. There were a lot of bottles in stock.

I’ve been trying a good number of bourbons this year and still think Old Forester 1920 is my favorite. Any recommendations for other bourbons with a similar profile under $100?

Woodford Double Oaked fits this bill and every time I have it I wonder why I don’t have it more often.


Woodford is the Same mash bill from Brown Forman, but I found it ott compared to 1920. Just my opinion at one time though. (JD BP is as well)
Buy another bottle of 1920 and 1910 and make a 1915? :joy:
Maybe an Elijah Craig Barrel Proof?

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JDSBBP (Rye is also great)
1792 Full Proof, BiB, 12 yr or SiB (FP might be the closest in terms of similar notes)
Russell’s Reserve Single Barrels (esp if you can find a good store picks)
Knob Creek Single Barrels (120 proof)
Four Roses SBBP (any recipe really)
ECBPs and Larceny BPs.

These are all in the same proof and price range and I probably like them all as well if not more than 1920.

Other than that one of my new favorites is Redwood Empire Pipe Dream Cask Strength (latest batch).
OF also recently released their 10 year 100 proofer “1924” which is priced around $120-130 and might a little more difficult to find on the shelves. It’s received generally positive feedback.

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Agree with all of those Eric, recently discovered the Redwood Empire.Very solid throughout the lineup, love the cask strength though.!:tumbler_glass:


Andrew–for what it’s worth, Old Forester 1920 is, in my opinion, the best buy in the Bourbon market nowadays. I find it pretty hard to beat under $100.

One thing you should try (and I’ve no idea how much you’d pay for it, if you are even able to find it where you live) is Old Pogue Master’s Select. Very hard to source, about $110 here in KY on the rare occasion that it appears on a shelf. It’s worth finding.


Scored today!!! Even with WA stupid tax rates, these two were $337 out the door.


nice scores!

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Picked these up this week, sweet oak and a bit of varnish on the nose. A kissing cousin to the 107 with a touch of vanilla on the finish.Around $60, highly recommended.

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I visited Nelson Distillery in Nashville a couple of weeks ago looking to backfill my stock of Belle Meade Whisky. My favorite has always been the Sherry finish. I live in Washington but grew up in East Tennessee with family still there so I get back once or twice per year. I typically visit the distillery itself vs retail to see what is new and to backfill my favorites.

Anyway, a) They apparently have dropped the name Belle Meade from their branding. Don’t know why and did not ask. b) The sherry finish was not currently available at the distillery, no answer on why other than “other places might have it”, and indeed the store at BNA airport had it for $160, vs. distillery price of $90 for other whisky. c) I bought the Mourvèdre Cask! I did not taste and have yet to open it, but still have a smidge of the Sherry, bought 2-3 years ago that I will compare. I have sampled the Madera, maybe another finish in past, and always go back for the sherry, but interested to taste the Mourvèdre. I did not ask but am curious where those barrels originate.

Hi Chris, I haven’t seen the Belle Meade reserve anywhere lately.The sherry finish has always been my favorite as well.:tumbler_glass:

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I saw the Reserve at the Distillery, but it was labeled with the Nelson Bros. brand. All of the ones at both distillery and BNA gift shop were now Nelson.

Looks like TW Federal Way still has the Belle Meade label Res. for $75 +Wa., so $100 OTD No thanks!

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