The Bourbon Thread

What are you drinking, what do you like? Oh, and let me clarify - it doesn’t have to “just” be the legal definition of bourbon, but the style. I’d like to exclude scotch and Irish Whisky - which to me are very different.

My favorites right now:

Basil Hayden (8 yr) $39
Russell’s Reserve (10 yr - made by Wild Turkey) $25
Eagle Rare (10 yr) $29
Gentleman Jack $26

I saw Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel for $39 recently, any thoughts?
Anyone ever try Booker’s? Saw some crazy good reviews, but 120+ proof. YIKES!

These one’s I always drink on the rocks, or am willing to make the occasional Manhattan. But when i want a whiskey/coke, I am never unhappy with Jack Daniel or Jim Beam.

What say you?

Jack Single Barrel is good but for the money Blantons is better!

Bookers needs to be cut with water to make it drinkable! Good if cut, dame near impossible to drink straight!

Gents, I really can’t comment now but please keep this thread alive until tomorrow. There are at least a dozen great Bourbons in the $30 range. None are listed above.

Old Fitzgerald
Elmer T. Lee
Buffalo Trace
Four Roses
Rock Hill Farm
Virginia Gentleman

to name a few…

I’m surprised this thread doesn’t start and end with A.H. Hirsch 16 yr. Reserve. I am eternally pissed at myself for not buying a case of this a decade ago when the price was a fraction of what it is now. As it currently stands, it is waaaay out of my price level, so I just stick with Scotch, which has always been my preference anyways … still, there’s something special about the A.H. … {sigh}

Off to a good start…keep the rec’s coming!

I do have to say, I’ve leardned a lot in the past 2 years on beer and spirits. My wife is finishing up grad school and my wine budget is in the crapper until she gets back to work - so I have been buying and trying a lot of things “other than wine” in that time frame. Lots of great beers have been discovered, and now the bourbons are taking center stage.

As a youngster (college age), I cut my teeth on Jack and Jim, and bourbon has always been my preference.

Look that one up…oh my word $275-$350! Seems that one will have to wait. [shock.gif]

Better than my suggestions and in the $30 range…I will be patiently waiting on your detailed response.

I am about halfway through my second bottle of Bookers. I use a little more ice in there than I do with others, and give it a little melt time, as it needs it to cut through the heat. But it is a very good.

My more standard bourbons are the Knob Creek, which has a nice sweetness if you like that, and Woodford reserve. But I also like the Jefferson’s Reserve when I can find it for a good price.

Knob Creek is my house Bourbon! Can pick it up for $25 a liter in Mexico duty free!

I did pick up a case about a decade ago. Also picked up a couple cases of the A.H. Hirsch 20 yr old (I prefer the 20 to the 16). The 16 y.o. ran out a couple years ago. I’m down to the last bottle of the 20 y.o. I’m still kicking myself for not buying every damn bottle in town when I had the chance.

As to what’s out there now, I like the Pappy Van Winkle 18 y.o. (good but pricey, the 23 y.o. isn’t worth the freight) and Four Roses is a recent discovery.

Currently going with Buffalo Trace for cocktails or with soda and Elijah Craig 18 yo to sip.

Here is my list of what has been discussed, and what I could find locally. Underlined = haven’t found it yet. Now I need to get some and start trying!

Basil Hayden (8 yr) $39 (got it)
Blanton’s $44
Buffalo Trace $55 (1.75L)
Eagle Rare (10 yr) $29 (got it)
Elijah Craig (found the 12 yr)
Elmer T. Lee
Four Roses
Gentleman Jack $26 (got it)
AH Hirsch
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel $37
Jefferson’s Reserve $55
Knob Creek $29
Old Fitzgerald
Rock Hill Farm
Russell’s Reserve (10 yr) $25 (got it)
Virginia Gentleman $22 (1.5L)
Wellers $16
Woodford Reserve $27

Anyone ever try Pendleton? It is a Canadian Whisky but I was told it is bourbon-like and quite good.

you forgot Pappy Van Winkle

Good catch!

Pappy 20 year is the best Bourbon I have EVER had, and I like bourbon damn near as much as I do wine!


Elmer T Lee
Four Roses Single Barrel

The best…

Pappy Van Winkle

The 23 is optimal. The Romanee Conti of Bourbon’s.
The 20 is fab.

Well above $30 but you will see the difference I can assure you.

All the others including the wonderful single barrel Jack Daniels are pretenders.

I didn’t realize we were talking about the high end here. newhere

On that note I also love the 18yr Sazerac, 17yr Eagle Rare, 19yr W.L. Weller, and George T. Stagg.

If you can somehow find a bottle of the Blue Wax top Hirsch it’s mind bending.

Where did you find it Phil?
Your Hirsch Blue Top and my Pappy 23.
That would be a nice couple of drams to explore.
Hope all is well in the OC.