The Bourbon Thread

Templeton has upped their game with 10 year, Barrel Strength, and some of the cask finishes.

Best Rye I have ever had was Rittenhouse 25, you’d think it’d be dried out and oaky, but it was flat out awesome.

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Is there a reason why Rye is usually aged less than Bourbon? Just less stock in general or is it a taste preference?

Picked up a bottle of 12 yr. Bulleit rye recently for around $50.Will report back when I open.Whistle Pig has awesome older ryes,10,12,15,18 yrs all of which I’ve had and the older the better on those.A wine group I belong to in Kentucky had 3 barrel picks of 17yr.WP that were incredible.

Let us know what you think, I actually had that bottle in my hand today.

I decided on giving these a try (3 for 1 almost),
Usually a bottom shelfer from Buffalo Trace, but I’ve heard they are decent…

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Those are all solid, the top floor an especially easy drinker.

Went diving into the cellar last night to find
Some lost Weller. I couldn’t find one bottle so I kept digging through boxes and found this gem.

I have an open one but did not remember that I still had a full…
Poured a wee bit to celebrate and bam that’s glorious stuff.

Also Poured a bit of my first Benchmark Top Floor after and it couldn’t live up of course. It does have a great nose though and by itself should be nice. I’ll have to re-evaluate on its own though.

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Finishing with this High West Store Pick Amontillado barrel. Always love this bottle a dozen times
Than the regular so the barrel did wonders here. Why don’t I see these anymore?

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I’ve had two different picks that were both great and yet I don’t ever see them anymore either.

Quite a haul from a CostCo grand opening in Sacramento

(Don’t know why the image won’t upload. The link is to a story about what is open, closed or has reduced hours. Interesting choice of picture for such an article.)

Damn! Wonder how long they waited in line/how long the good stuff lasted

Those older WP are Alberta Rye…sone are dynamite if finished in a sweeter cask, like the 12 year in Sauternes cask

I haven’t kept up as I’ve avoided WhistlePig for awhile, but aren’t the Vermont produced marked FarmStock?

I thought (incorrectly I guess) that all WhistlePig was from Canada? Or are they just distilled in Canada and bottles in VT?

Some like Homestock are own distillate. Made in Alberta, finished and bottled in Vermont.

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I could be wrong…

Is not their own distillate Farmstock?
(Mentioned just above)
Home stock was/is a blend with their own plus Canadian.

I’m not a Bourbon drinker but have a chance to buy either of these that I would most likely give away as a gift. Are either of these any good? Bomberger small batch Kentucky straight or Penelope Cooper series “Rio” four grain straight. Thanks in advance.

Never had a Penelope but I really like Bomberger. It’s a 107 proof bourbon made by Michter’s that they release once per year. I always find it a very nice, smooth pour leaning more toward fruit and nut profile than the caramel side.


4 or 5 SKUs at QFC Pine Lake.

Of the Penelope? I’ve also seen it at TW but am not looking to pick any up. Got more than enough non-Michter’s products in the cellar.

I’ve been destroying my stash of Michters (and bourbon in general). Need to find somebody that wants to trade bourbon for Floodlands (I’ve got plenty of the latter).