Tempting wine purchases you’ve passed on—give others a shot

Explains why everything is 3-4 months out

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Didn’t know benchmarkwine.con did this

I think wine cellarage does some of this too, but the prices aren’t necessarily bad.

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Yes, Westgarth is always a joke. Let’s be fair though: this is your entire business model. Of course you actually buy the wines first and often you get better prices than the list UK price, but it’s really no different. Not that I’m criticizing it at all, but let’s call a pot and kettle black.

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@Andrew_K do you mean that we are a business that sells wine? Because I’m pretty sure every business in the world sells a product for more than what they purchased it for.

And no offense but you have absolutely zero idea about the realities of our business nor do you have any insight as to what are the prices we pay for wine.

Our margins have actually decreased considerably. Long gone are the days of getting enough wine at allocation pricing to satiate our clients.

Since you referenced our pricing of Cathiard and you paid 39 GBP. How about you offer me a price to sell and let’s see where that puts us on the final price that I sell?

I think it could be a rather interesting exercise rather than criticizing the prices. Let’s use a real world scenario.

Thatcher, my man. I’ve clearly ruffled some feathers, which to be fair, was partially my intent. I hope that my comments have awakened some competitive spirit within you to show your value to the wine community.

At the same time, I don’t have anything against you selling wine and making a profit. I have businesses and we always ensure a profit. And I’ve bought a decent bit from you and will continue to buy from you when the deal makes sense for me. I hope you make a profit because if you don’t you won’t stay in business for long.

But if you’re going to dog a competitor, you have to be willing to take a look at yourself in the same way.

I didn’t know this about Benchmark but wow it explains a lot - thanks for the info.

I’m not sure I would consider @ThatcherBakerBriggs comments trying to dog his competition. I think a lot of us here have been scratching our heads at Benchmark’s pricing, particularly over the last 6 or so months. His comments are just shedding light on how those prices are where they are. It makes sense to me, as it goes both ways with Benchmark in terms of pricing. Many items are wildly overprices currently but some are quite under priced. $39 for 97 Jadot CdU and $75 for 2012 Arnoux-Lachaux VR recently for me there. I figured someone was asleep at the wheel but it sounds like there is just nobody at the wheel.

I’d say @ThatcherBakerBriggs offer to show his mark up is about as transparent as possible, short of actually showing us his Quickbooks

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2017 Cheval Blanc for $450 at the PA state store

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Thanks, and this makes total sense. Three cheers for WSPro’s “Exclude Merchant” feature!

Zachys in-store-only case sale still has some great deals, and they keep dropping prices on some stuff that’s been sitting.
Vilmart grand cellier for 45, vilmart 11 CDC for cheap, Chacra chard for 70, Pierre paillard rose for $35…they are also selling them in original packaging so if it came in a 6-pack you only need to buy 6, etc.


2006 Piper Heidsieck Rare for $125 at WineSlash.

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Gary’s Wine is having an Inventory Reduction Sale (last day) with some great buys. I picked up some Calsac Champagne.