Tempting wine purchases you’ve passed on—give others a shot

all of us occasionally pass on “deals” and sometimes post them. Let’s have a thread that does so . . . JJ Buckley has a Bitouzet-Prieur Volnay Pitures 2014 for a good deal at $68.94.


this thread is a great idea. unfortunately, my most recent passes from Envoyer of Barthod and Clerget look like theyre already sold out anyways! but excited to follow here

Zachy’s, while not generally known for great deals, does have the 2018 Chateau Les Carmes Haut Brion for $125 on sale, which is the lowest I found in the states currently, plus Amex Plat gives you $30 off $150 at Zachy’s right now if you download the offer.


2018 MM Rich at Envoyer today for $400 is a good price. I already have my share from an earlier offer.

Good idea! I came across a burlotto monvigliero 2016 at Paul Marcus in Oakland for 199 last week.

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My guess is that >50% of people here are on the envoyer list.

Really? I highly doubt it. But newhere

im sure you’re right. but I know more than a couple people on the list that don’t open the emails. I’m not sure how or what kind of mystical powers they have that allow them to do that, but maybe they missed something they really want!

I don’t open the emails for the stuff I don’t want like Riesling. I’ve tried to get them to correctly tailor the emails for me but basically given up.

You should learn to want Riesling. There are absolutely great Rieslings.

I’m good. Have had “legendary” Riesling. it’s just not for me.

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and some of us have gotten off their list—me.

Funny I only want Riesling offers and I never get them. Someone told me about a Riesling offer I called them and ordered and have never heard back.

Do they have the ability to tailor lists?

Supposedly, but I still get sent everything.

Wow…and $200 seems be be a really good price. To go back in time…all of 7 years: bought the 2008 Burlotto Monvigliero for $60 at HiTimeWine in CA in 2013. It seemed a fair a deal at the time for a solid, traditional producer, and there were still several bottles left in the bin. Also, I remember some 2008 Bartolo on the nearby shelf at $100, but I passed at that price since I had already found some bottles from Envoyer for $80. Oh, those were the good-old days…2013!

They send those all to Michael instead of you.

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ha. You wanna talk good old days and HiTimes? Bought 5 magnums of 1990 La Tâche languishing on shelf in the old “locked area” of HiTimes for $550 each. But this is thread drift.

as someone young in my wine buying career this thread made me think I wanted to start a thread devoted to crazy deals (or what seems like crazy deals now at least) that people have gotten on wines. I never experienced the pre-price explosion time for Piemonte or Burgundy, but would love to live vicariously through others- and plan my trip back in time when I perfect my time machine.

Guess I missed those when I used to live in Orange County

Morrell blizzard sale has good deals on some things.

Off hand, Marc Roy alexandrine and other village bottlings are good deals.