So Who Likes to Offline? City-by-city "database" PLEASE PM IF YOUR CITY HAS CHANGED

OK gang. I tossed this over to Todd just as an idea and he said go ahead and run with it…so I think I will.

Granted, I have much to gain from this since I travel a lot with a primary purpose of meeting fellow 'philes in cities near and far.

But, thought I to myself, wouldn’t it be nice for everyone to know who they might be able to contact in any particular city to try to go out for some dinner and wines?

With that in mind, I thought I’d start this—and I guess I’ll take on the chore of managing information as it comes in.

All of youse can help me if you are comfortable enough to list others besides yourself who you know would be interested in doing an OL with an out-of-town guest (or, equally applicable, someone new to WB). I think it would also help if you indicated whether or not you’d be willing to stand as an “organizer” for OL purposes. (with thanks to Jay Hack for noting this oversight, (O) beside your name means you are indeed willing to take the lead on organizing)

For the cities besides Toronto, I don’t know whether all the listed people are, in fact, WB-ers. A * means I’ve met the person and can, sort of [grin.gif] vet them.

Albany area

Ken Vastola (O) *


Eric Johnston


Mark Streger


Karen Peterson


Chris Janko (O)
Bob Titelman
Rob Weaver
Andrew Klug *
Steve McLaughlin (O) *


Kevin O’Halloran
Jay Forrest
Steven Dimon
Jon C


Kevin Lancelotta
Eric Tomasi
Lonnie Fuller
Ben Williams
Chris Crutchfield
Joel Davidson (O)
Mark Streger
Andrew Will

Bend (Oregon)

Dave Standridge (O)


Kevin Foley (O) *
Jason Hemming
Kevin Lancelotta
Jason Stein
Andrew Bair
Eileen Shanley
Nestor John Salazar
David W
Ben Homer *
Demian Saenz


Derek Polzien *
Tucker McKinley
Mitch Sayers

Charleston (SC)

Scott Brunson
Jonathan Sirot *
Mark Enterline
John Ehrling* (O)

Charleston (WV)

S. Bush


Joshua Kates *
Kevin Lancelotta
Unyime E.
Mark Boldizsar *
Bob Brinckman
Paul Miller
Michael Cherney
Kevin Santana
Brian Kelly
Daniel Lee
Sean Cahill
Ryan Trush


Nola Palomar *
Gordon Fitz


Loren Sonkin (O) *
David Tietz (O) *
Nick Cheek (Central Ohio)
Nola Palomar *
Abbie Salovon
Matthew Dahar


Nola Palomar *

Dallas Fort-Worth

Joe Dulworth (O)
Phill Carpenter (O)
Michael O’Brien
Joe Siddall
Jim McClure
Brian Stump
Phil Marshall
Tom Floyd
John Kane (K John Joseph)
Scott Fitzgerald
Chuck Jordan
MikeB (O)
Mikko Tuomi
Stuart Martin


Gregory Dal Piaz


Nola Palomar *
Jay Selman *


Noah Raizman * (as Noah mentions, there is a great DC group that includes Chris Bublitz, Kevin Shin, Cole Kendall, Howard Cooper, Maureen Nelson, etc.)
J. Migone
Sheila Fruman
Eric Tomasi
Justin Schenck
Lonnie Fuller
Ben Williams
Aleks Vey *
Guillermo Mena
Ben Homer *
Seth Eli Barlow
Joel Davidson (O)
Mark Streger
Mark Taczak


Tyler Martin
Mike Sale
Philip Good
Gary Schoenwetter
Mike Dumas
Liz Switzer
Kerry Onda
Max Swomley (O)

Des Moines

Joe Jolesch (O)


Errol Kovitch
Rob Bastuba *

El Paso

Jeremy Cuthbertson


Sean Haggerty


Kamaal Haque


Mike Shor (O)
Chris Foley *
Jonathan Sirot (O) *
Chris Spence

Hong Kong

Rob Lloyd *


Mark Johnson *


Brent Mayeaux
David Welch (O)
Daniel Hall
Ben Frazier
Mike Lindauer *
Monte Mast
Ryan Caughey
Jason McManis
Bill James
Michael Cromwell
Patrick Harris
Vasanth Balakrishnan
Jeff Bryant
Jeff Corbett


Joshua Kates *
Gordon Fitz

Southern Indiana

Mary Deem

Jacksonville/St. Augustine

Kriss Reed

Jupiter/South Florida

Mike Stanford

Kansas City

Chris Dempster (O)
Ryan Maderak
Scott Davis
Patrick Wenger
Ardeis Scott

Las Vegas

Nate Rulis *


Bruce Rudman *
John Gonzalez *
Kevin Lancelotta
JF Pelletier (O) *
DT Moss
Mike Snowden
Andre Mulyono *
Jesus Fontamillas
Andrew Kaufman
Barry Paul Price
Shane Mochizuki
Curtis Chen *
Mike Hill
Brent Sprenkle
Andrew Wessels (Santa Monica)
Kevin Lloyd *
Linda L
Kevin Kitagawa
Dave Wooten
Danny Mansour
Ahsan Minhas
Anthony Makdessi *

Lexington (KY)

Eric Sanday
Gordon Fitz


Jason Troughber
Alex D (O)


Hank Victor
Mariano Chiaramonte
Jesse Cangiano


Unyime E.
Andy Keillor (O)
Tyler Fabian

Minneapolis/St. Paul

Brad Ballinger (O)
Tom Warren
Sunny Han
James F


Benjamin Edwards


Kevin Callahan
Mimikos Athanassianadis


Adam Landa (O)
Michael Giammalvo
David Dickerson
Jonathan Loffi
Billy Hall
Mandy C
Gordon Fitz
Emily Richer
Pearce Barringer
Charles Hetzel

New Haven CT

Noah C
Peter Brush
James Powers

New Orleans

Jason Troughber (O)

NYC and Environs

Margie Russell (O) *
Bob Fyke (O)
Kevin Lancelotta
Jay Hack (O) * (but no more house-centric OLs for 50+ people)
Michael Mahle
David Lee
David Schliecker
David Wong
Sheila Fruman
Dennis Ruhl
Derek Polzien *
Mary Prybutok
Subu Ramachandran
Luke Vargas (also Central NJ)
Doug Besterman (O)
Mike Pobega (O) *
Thomas Rippe *
Jonathan Sirot (O) *
Alex Valdes *
Chris Trapp
Alex Tang
Noah C
Tim Wright
Dan Almodovar *
Subha Modur
Tom Simons
Dan Hammer *
Rodrigo Braga *
Bill Anzalone
Bryan B
Mike Green (also northern NJ)
John Ehrling* (also NJ) (O)
Will Shears
Michael Hafitz
Evan Korn
Alessandro Acquista
Peter Brush
Phil Lukeman
David Bachus
Jesse Waxman
Gavin Forrest
James Powers
Noel Brizuela

Oklahoma City

Cliff Lewis


Jon Martin (O)

Orange County

Frank Murray III (O) *
Dennis Callahan *
Curtis Chen (O) *
Bob Hoelting (O)
Todd F r e n c h *
Francine Haight *
Andre Mulyono *
Paul Lin
Astrid Keel (O)
Tim Bond
Kevin Kitagawa


Alfred Webb


Boris Palameta *

Owensboro, KY

Gordon Fitz (O)

Palm Beach

Scott Brunson


Kevin Lancelotta
Sheila Fruman
Eric Tomasi
Walt Carpenter
Dave Kaplan *
Nick Kramarski
Mark Cochard
Jonathan Sirot (O) *
Nestor John Salazar
Brian Thorne
Brandon Econ
Dave Kehler (O) *
Bill Anzalone


Joel Pulver
Jim Clary
Ryan A
Rich Brown
James Francis
Michael Hung
Yuriy Anferov


Nicholas Garrett
Tom Glasgow (O)

Portland (Oregon, not Maine)

Paul Willenberg
Marshall Manning
Michael Domingo
Dave Standridge
Brady Daniels
Fred Vogel
Matt Egalka
Eric White
Erik Muir
Jeremy Charmak


Tom Kobylarz *
Tom Devlin
Andrew Collins
John Ehrling* (O)
Sean Haggerty
Kevin Diffley
David Frankil (O) *
James Andrews


Glenn Bienstock
Andrew Heilman

Scott Wilkes (O)

St. Louis

Kevin Stine
Dave Dyroff (O) *
Izek J (O)
Jeff Stettner
Michael Powers
Brian Stotter
Daniel Erlinger
Jessica Nagar

San Antonio

John Webber (O) *
John Vizuete

San Diego

Mike Zimbric
David Walsh
Adam Lakritz
Pat K
Ken Corona
Joe Duncan (O)
Roger Storer
Craig Headding
Dave Wooten

San Francisco

Chris Forno
Ashish Agrawal * (Ashish is correct in saying there are a bunch of great SF-based people)
Kevin Lancelotta
Jeremy Joseph
Paul Battaglia
Robert Schneider
Tom Bougetz *
Paul Lin
Andy Koberl *
Yao Choong *
Ryan Gallagher
Joel Galant (O) *
Andrea Vaccaro
Christian Obermanns
Aalok Patel
Tyler Woods
Andrew Lebowitz (O)
Emily Richer
Christen Chen
Jay Lopera

San Jose/Silicon Valley

Paul Lin

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Carlos Delpin

Santa Barbara

Mark Ryan
Mark Edwards

Santa Cruz/Monterey

Ian Alper


Kevin Goldberg (O)


Bill Anzalone


Rick Tandy (O) *
Brandon Redman
Nicholas C
Stuart Lutzenhiser
Loren Supp
Ryan Whittle
Chris Wagner
Rob Lipman

Sebastopol/Sonoma/Wine Country

Michel Davidoff
Brian Tuite *
Kurt Beitler *
Jeremy Joseph (Petaluma, Palo Alto)
Tom Bougetz *
Ben Mandler *


Drew Goin


Adam Parente


Troy Stark *
Ardeis Scott
Laura Aguilar-Rogers

Thousand Oaks

Mike Snowden


Mike Grammer (O) * [grin.gif]
Tran Bronstein (O) *
Jay Shampur (O) *
Jeff Wong *
Victor Un *
Peter Papay (O) *
Dylan Provencher *
Tim Burnett *
Ross Morrison *
Sheila Smith *
Sean Sydney *
Alfred Bryce


Mai Madigan (O)

Walla Walla

Leo Frokic (O) *

West Lafayette (Indiana)

Tim Bond

Willamette Valley

Monte Mast

Williamsburg Virginia

Maria Soee

Wilmington NC

David Frankil (O) *
Mathew Bork


What’s an offline? newhere


Wish I had known that Mike. Just got back from 11 days in Toronto. Was there for the big Wednesday snow which held us over a couple of extra days because we couldn’t get to the airport. The last time I was in Toronto some years ago Jay D’Antonio and Dr. Larry Pancer were always up for an offline.

Around DFW, Joe Dulworth is the ring leader. He can always pull a group together for an offline.


Okay, I have to delete my comment, otherwise I have to report my own post. :astonished:

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Chuckle. And sorry we missed you, Michael–precisely what something like this might help with, or so I may hope. And hey—it may not be a good idea…but a world without ideas is like a world without sunshine, no? :slight_smile:

ps, unfortunately haven’t crossed paths with Jay and Larry in years either, but some mutual friends do still see 'em.

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Mike…If you reach out to me, Michael Giammalvo, David Dickerson, Jonathan Loffi or Billy Hall, pretty confident we can rally for a casual offline in Nashville…have hosted for other out-of-towners.

And need to look you up the next time we visit my father in Toronto.

Count me as another Dallas area local willing to host and rally an offline.

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Mike great idea. I hear all the time people lamenting that they missed someone in town and would have definitely come out for them.

Count me in for NYC for both.

Put me down as an Orange County reference/dude. Not for Los Angeles, though. We’re a big place here and I’m well south of 'ol LA.

Great topic. I’ve met many from this board when traveling and everyone has been beyond hospitable and welcoming, not to mention sharing great wines.
I know several winemakers here in the Grand River AVA; the wines may not be world-class but I’m happy to arrange visits for anyone interested in seeing what Ohio is capable of. Also happy to host though I’m ~30 minutes east of Cleveland proper (though also just off I-90 for anyone traveling east of town).
I hope he doesn’t mind me mentioning but forum member Loren Sonkin has helped arrange local offlines for both out of town forum members and wine makers closer to town- I’ve had the opportunity to meet both OP Mike and others on this board at them and all have been fantastic.

I think people know I’m in the Capital District of NYS (Albany, Schenectady, Troy), but Saratoga is only 40 minutes away and the Berkshires about an hour. We’re also on the way between Montreal and NYC or Boston and points west. Happy to host if the timing works.

New to the ATL, but would love to host or meetup.

Happy to host or try and rally Berserkers in the Sea-Tac area.

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Yup, always happy to get people together if they are in northeast Ohio.

Southern Indiana (Bloomington), Indy, or even (w/the right timing) Chicago-happy to meet some Beserkers and pull some corks.


I can round up folks in the Twin Cities.

We are in Thousand Oaks; will attend offlines in Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley, Ventura, or Santa Barbara. Orange County only for special events or with lodging.

I’ll Captain Portland, OR.

Maybe modify the first post to become a directory? e.g.

Portland, OR – P. Willenberg
NE Ohio – Loren Sonkin

Central Ohio for me.