So Who Likes to Offline? City-by-city "database" PLEASE PM IF YOUR CITY HAS CHANGED

Boston: Me, host of others (yes Mike, I am moving back to Boston in the new year)

Kevin, Great news, I look forward to OL with again.

E-mail me details when you can.

Im in Williamsburg Va and pretty open to travel va bch-norva on Fri/Sat. I also come with a DD–crazy husband really doesnt like drinking but enjoys hanging out with tipsy folks for some reason.

That is indeed the intention, Paul, once I get more of a cadre of responses :slight_smile: Thanks everyone for chiming in, this is definitely helping!


Sebastopol (AKA Pinot heaven) always
Sonoma county, SF sometimes, between SF and Sonoma county.

I think you’ve met multiple DC folks. There’s a strong group at Domaine DC as well.

I’ve never met the Toronto berserkers, but would welcome them or anyone else passing through Ottawa for an offline.

Live in the Boston area (Needham) and always looking to meet up if able (balancing work and two girls age 2 and 3mo).

  • Jason

Great idea. Please put me down for the Bay Area, or more specifically, the Penninsula, Downtown San Francisco, the South Bay and the East Bay. Thanks! newhere

I’m going to sticky this in Offline Planner for a bit…

I’m mostly SF with the rest of the Bay Area when work is lighter. We have at least two well established groups in the area.

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Not sure what the idea of the thread is.
There are a lot of L.A. offliners. So many that sometimes the groups intersect and sometimes things aren’t everyone encompassing. I’m usually up for an offline and organize my share, out or at my place. So anyone coming to LA can give a board shout and find people to meet up with.

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I really enjoy getting together for an offline down in S. Orange County, CA.

Thanks everyone. John, I think I wanted to start it for a few reasons.

a) what you say about LA is certainly true, but what about a new recruit to WB who doesn’t know right away who to reach out to—this could help

b) for other cities, we’d hopefully have a compendium in one place as a basic reference for those who may be visiting in those places.

I’ll try to get around to compiling the list from this thread into one post over the weekend.



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In Tokyo and very happy to do offlines as often as any of you get over here :slight_smile:

I can organize and help out with any details travelers to Tokyo might have as well as any issues wine drinkers specifically may be concerned about.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu…

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Can’t say I know many others down here in Charlotte, NC yet - relatively recent transplant from the DC area - but always willing to share a nice bottle with someone who appreciates it.

We’re just about 10 minutes from the airport, so the offer also applies if you have a long layover or if USAirways/AA strands you.

I’ve planned a number of offlines in the Orange County area. I’m always down. I’d list the people I was with, but I think they’ll see this thread shortly. Unlike me, they’re actually known around here. We’ll see if they come around. champagne.gif

Sadly, I’ve never enjoyed an offline, living in such a remote area. With two small kids, it can be tough to travel on a whim, though we do travel a fair amount, with enough notice. And, we get to Austin quite a bit (though I don’t notice a lot of Austin action here).

Where’s “remote here”, Jeremy? Just curious :slight_smile:

I will amend the first post with a comprehensive listing by next week latest.

Would be nice to have this in a format that we could easily access - even if it was just a sticky thread maintained constantly with new data to have the first post up to date, or a sortable spreadsheet hosted on the cloud. Ideas?