Sabelli-Frisch BD15 mad, mad offers! ! **CLOSED**

Just a little update on shipping since quite a few have reached out and asked.

I started shipping a little week before last, but was abroad for a tasting with one of my importers. Now the cardboard inlay provider has a little delay on boxes etc and I have another little business trip to do next week, so the bulk of this will get packed up next week and week after, then shipped out by the 2nd week in March. Thanks for your patience!

Still working on the 6 bottles of the 2018 Milk Fed Magnum to the mostest buyers and will announce here when I figure it out!

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Good wine, but I wondered where the pink crystal came from.

Those are tartrates.

The prophesy:

Yeah, my wines aren’t cold stabilized, so tartrates can be present. I also store the bottles upside down, so they tend to gather by the cork.

Unfortunately, there is no cheap or easy way to cold stabilize for small wineries without using chemicals.


Yellow, everyone knows about the magic crystals in Adam’s wine.

@Adam_Frisch is from Sweden, so there is higher than zero chance that those are actually surströmming flakes.

This is fishy

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Had a 21 Eserra last night, and boy is it a killer wine! Thanking the gods of transit that shipping to Ohio opened up this year.


Don’t drink the pink snow. “Those aren’t tartrates!”

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Thanks Jonathan! :pray:

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@Adam_Frisch first time trying your wines. I drank La Malinche yesterday and Marina today. Wow!! These wines are incredible!! 10x better than my expectation! Congrats!! :clap: :clap: :clap: :wine_glass: :wine_glass:


Got my case today. @Adam_Frisch the world needs to see more of your art haha :smiley:


Got my case of rose the other day. For some reason I was thinking it was all one kind of White Zin, then I saw two different bottles of white zin, and then a flame tokay. I was thrown off for a moment. Actually, it was a nice surprise in that I really enjoyed the flame tokay previously.

Drinking my first bottle of Sabell-Frisch. And also my first ever Mission wine. 2018 Sabelli-Frisch Mission La Malinche.

I am very impressed, it is so drinkable. I feel like I made great discovery. I love the contrast between the light appearance but substantial mouthfeel.

If the rest of @Adam_Frisch wines are even close to this great, this was by far the most amazing offer from BD.

I don’t see anything beyond 2019 vintage. Is La Malinche no more? How cruel that would be.


Thank you Chris!

No, it still exists in the name “Marina”. I hade a cease-and-desist from another winery that had used that name in the past.

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I think your experience is widely shared. :smile:


And who was that? Google and Wine Searcher seem to have no idea.


Likely Diablo Paso

Yep. Thanks for sleuthing.