Sabelli-Frisch BD15 mad, mad offers! ! **CLOSED**

I read your note a few days ago, but at the time I was suffering through Dry Sunday-through-Wednesday.

It’s a thing. Really.

But now it’s Thursday, so I am trying this wine for the first time. I agree with you – this is a really interesting wine. It is almost transparent in the glass but is extremely flavorful. Although the profile is competely different, it kind of reminds me of some Poulsards from the Jura that almost look like rosé but then surprise with the huge amount of fruit and body. In this case, I get a lot of red fruit (prickly pear?), herbs and tobacco leaf flavors. It is quite a lot of fun!

My BD-15 order was my second from S-F, and I was more familiar with the whites from last year. I am a fan of everything I have tried from S-F so far.



Funny, I do dry Mon-Wed. Except this week. I made up for two weeks of antibiotic abstinence.


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I couldn’t agree more. I’m drinking the Faun Zinfandel today and it’s absolutely incredible!! @Adam_Frisch is a magician!! By far the most interesting wines I bought during BD15. I’m hooked.