Retailer Check: Vint Marketplace (Washington, D.C.)

This seems to be a new merchant that has popped up on W-S. Looks to be basically all pre-arrivals but good pricing. The address maps to Domaine D.C. Anyone know anything about this outfit?

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I just called and spoke with Billy.

Sounds legit.

Their president is Adam Lapierre, formerly from Vinfoli.

Their parent company is which is a wine investment firm. This is their new retail arm.

They have a large stockpile of inventory, primarily in Europe, thus everything on the site is listed as pre-arrival since it will take 6-12 weeks to arrive in the US.

The location listed in DC is their US storage facility. Everything gets taxed at DC sales tax rate (10% I believe). There are no shipping costs for on site pickup.

Ignoring the unicorns, prices look competitive to me!

As I’m local I’m willing to be the first to order and report back on how it goes. Anyone want to point me to any particularly good buys? I love Bordeaux and Piedmont. With a first order looking to keep it pretty modest, let’s say <$50/bottle ish.


Any ideas how the pre-arrival thing works? Do they just send over a container to fulfill orders every so often?

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Yes, that’s exactly what it sounded like. They say 6-12 weeks to give them some leeway, but Billy told me it’s usually right around 6 weeks.

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How are they able to offer the same wines on pre-arrival that everyone else offers but for ~20% less?

Just like the other gray market importers. Right now they have a bunch of stock lying in the EU that was purchased at good prices so they can launch their business with great deals. Once that stock runs down you’ll slowly start to see prices creep up to market as they are purchasing new bottles.

What item did you see that was like that?

Some of the Burgundy prices are way, way, way out of whack. 2016 Rousseau Beze for $9859? Ummm…

Here’s an example I just picked at random - 2014 Vilmart Coeur de Cuvee:

Wine Cellarage: $139/btl: 2014 Vilmart & Cie Coeur de Cuvee Premier Cru [Future Arrival] - The Wine Cellarage
Flickinger: $124/btl:
Saratoga: $119/btl: Vilmart & Cie Champagne Coeur De Cuvee Champagne Blend 2014 750ml - Champagne, France
Vint: $100/btl: 2014 Vilmart & Cie, Coeur de Cuvee Premier Cru 6x750ml – Vint Marketplace

These are all pre-arrival for 6x750ml.

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Nice find. If you care to point out any exceptional Bordeaux or Piedmont values I’ll place a “guinea pig” order and report back on how it goes.

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I’ve ordered two cases for pickup in DC. Ordering process was simple. Shipping would have added nearly $200 to the price, so this really only makes sense for me for pickup. On checkout it said they would hold these upon arrival for 3 months without charge.

I’ll report back after pickup.

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$200!? OK, I think we have our answer as to why their stated prices are so much lower than everyone else’s…


I’m sure they use Ziegler or one of the wine shippers so these wines would be consolidated for shipping with others.

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Any recent experiences with Vint Marketplace?

Thinking about placing an order with them but curous about their Futures Pre-arrival delivery

Thanks in advance

Your wines arrive yet?

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Not yet. They emailed me when they were placed on the boat and said it would be another 6 weeks or so.

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seems like every single wine is prearrival in 6-12 weeks. I think I’ll sit back and see how it sorts out but prices are awesome.

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10 weeks since my order and nothing yet. It was listed as 6-12wks delivery. Intrigued now…


Curious what you saw that would qualify?

have you reached out?

My best guess is that if you ordered at the beginning of the summer, the delay is going to be real, but also not coincidental, since I’m sure they slowed down over the summer, and if they are maximizing their shipping, they would want a full shipment first.

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Are you involved with this operation such that you can make this statement of fact? If not, you should preface such a statement with “they maintain” or “I understand.” You post a lot here (but as you have explained here, you have few years of experience buying wine), too often implying that you have knowledge when you don’t, such that readers are mislead.

As to the broader issue, memories are short. When Premier Cru was in its heyday, if a retailer with acknowledge of relevant facts explained on this board that what Premier Cru was doing was not viable, they met with a deluge of sour grapes allegations and had to spend a week trying to defend themselves. I tried once, but then decided that I would just explain the situation to people I knew. They still got burned.

I know absolutely nothing about Vint Marketplace, its owners or its employees, so I can’t and won’t make any claim or assertion about it or them. (If they are storing wine properly in Europe and can bring it here on reefers and store it properly once here, and sell it 20% below the rest of the market, I say “bravo!”). What I do know, however, is if it seems to good to be true …