Retailer Check: Vint Marketplace (Washington, D.C.)

I asked this of a prior post, but what is everyone finding that is “such a great deal”?

I honestly haven’t looked at all, but since this thread has a decent amount of traction, I’m really curious to see what folks are seeing.

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Such a great deal? I haven’t seen many, and a lot of the ones I have found attractive are also being offered as pre-arrivals at some other shops for very similar prices. The vast majority of items are trading somewhere around other WS low prices.

The ones I actually purchased were Graillot CH 2020 and Graillot La Guiraude 2016. They were both around a 20% lower than expected price. Anyway, will find out soon enough if they arrive or do not! And if not, the glorious option of fraud protection on credit cards will make me whole.

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I’ve never bought from Vint, nor do I use their wine investment platform

If I had to guess, I suspect they’ve either overpurchased wines with an anticipation of capital inflow on the investment platform that never materialised, OR, they’re getting hit hard by redemptions (Vinovest are really struggling with this as well) and need to sell out desperately to meet redemptions/timelines/whatever it might be.

I suspect probably a bit of both.

Something too good to be true cant be sustained - someone is getting screwed - at least in the case of vint there are potentially investors on the other side of the fence getting screwed, rather than just the buyers.

I actually just took a look at what they are featuring on their website, and I didn’t see a single item that wasn’t overpriced. You can buy all of these wines for less at retail and especially at auction.

I thought the quotes from the MW and MS were cute though.

You bring up a good point about the “investment” stuff these guys are doing.

There is way, way, way too much of a “retailer’s priorities” wrapped up into them, and in the case of Vint, their investments were wildly overpriced.

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I’m not quite sure what you meant by your second sentence? Apols if I’m being thick mate

I’ve seen what Vinovest is buying for clients (we actually had a hard time divesting a client from one of the wine funds), and it was full of second and third tier stuff. No DRC, no Lafite, and what was in there had a really high purchase price (2008 Comtes at $300+ a bottle for example). She had 3 cases of Carruades, but no Lafite? She gave them a HUGE amount of money too, and to have no blue chip wines felt like she was sold the things you need to buy to get the best stuff. She also owned a VERY pricey barrel of scotch from a producer I had never heard of, and when we asked them to sell it, we got an incredibly wishy washy answer.

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Thanks for the clarification

And, yes. That doesnt surprise me. A friend showed me an ‘investment portfolio’ they’d been asked to help liquidate. IIRC it included something like 240 bottles of £20 supermarket prosecco.

Unsurprisingly, Vint, Vinovest, etc, will struggle to get access to the sort of wine you can actually make money on, and in sufficient quantities for all their clients, without just paying market price after it floats through the secondary.

Pretty sure this is a Liv-Ex feed like all of the others on W-S that match - just at different margins.


Possibly, but I wouldn’t neglect the potential link to their retail arm

Look at all the problems vinovest are having with liquidation atm

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Flickinger/Saratoga/Wine Cellarage/Vint/Westgarth/Wine Empire all have basically the same offers.

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they’re a few points lower on a few things i’ve been searching for - likely price optimizing for w-s. nothing crazy.

Just curious where you heard this from. Of course with the influx of dumb money we all knew this was coming eventually, but I hadn’t heard anything about this yet.

Check out their reddit - a lot of people taking 30% haircut on paper valuation when it comes time to sell. Paper gains but non blue chip wines without the demand.

Also some private sources of info but that’s on public domain

Theyre getting hot hard by redemptions right now, but as I said, it’s easy to look good in a bull market.

Have a look at this comment as an example - Reddit - Dive into anything

I would be really, really interested to know who the counter parties are in some of these transactions.


Here are 2 specific examples of pricing from an order I made from VINT in mid-August, 2023

I took a flyer on 6X 2018 Dom Albert Bichot (Clos Frantin), Vosne-Romanee 1er, Aux Malconsorts at $152/bottle, pre-arrival
(exalted site, non-exalted winemaker, and I liked the taste of the 15’ so…)

Today lowest price is $199 (Red Wagon Wine Shoppe) and most are running at what I’d call an aspirational $210 (Grand Vin) -$249 (others). Thats about what I saw in August on WS price-wise

I paid $337 :flushed: for 3X 19’ Fourrier Gevrey 1er Cherbaudes.

Its running $250-$275 today in WS from 3 shops that don’t deliver to GA, and ~$335-$380 from VINT and Benchmark. I have a big crush on Fourrier so I gave it a go at $337

To date, no wine delivered and no emails from VINT saying bottles are stateside. I guess I am not THAT worried yet (except for what I am reading in this topic). Most of my other pre-arrival orders at other shops have not yet filled either. We’ll see.

low w-s price on a few things. All pre-arrival. Any data points re this place, as I’ve never used them?


funny, was thinking the same. seems they list a bunch of stuff that’s available in the UK for a bit less and just handle the arb? but almost every wine i look for is available through them now.


Seems like people are having a good experience with them. I just placed my first order, plus I reached out to ask about shipping and sales tax, and I got a very prompt and helpful response. Ground shipping to me in California is $5/bottle, payable at the time the wines are ready to ship out.

But I just did it and the wines are months out, so I can’t speak to the end of the process personally.

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did they give you an estimate for arrival?


I didn’t ask that specifically, but it said on the website when you view the product how long it’s estimated to be. I think mine was 12-14 weeks?