Anyone have experience with Vint?

Anyone ever buy from this outfit? They have crazy low pricing and everything is prearrival. Their published address is a DC wine storage facility but that seems to just be a front. Curious as to whether buyers have received the wines they purchased.

All my interactions have been very encouraging, but my first two orders haven’t come in yet (they’re not late, it just hasn’t been the time yet), so I can’t tell you that part.

I’m in the bullish camp, but I also wouldn’t put (for me) huge dollars out until we see a track record.

Search function sure seems to be broken.

The search is a little messed up, but they are aware of it. I have taken delivery of one case and two more have arrived in the US.

They are clearing customs and storing in Connecticut IIRC… haven’t figured out local pickup in DC yet as of a week ago.

Shipping has been quoted around $45/case.

@Adam_Lapierre can add perhaps!?

After so many being burned by Premier Cru, I assumed the appetite for consumers spending with retailers who don’t actually posses the bottles they’re selling would be diminished. Not saying Vint is running a ponzi as I have no knowledge to support that. Just looking for feedback from customers who have received their orders.

I don’t know how Premier Cru went down, but the folks who run this seem to have a solid track record. I do buy en premeur most years from Bordeaux, but maybe you look at that differently because of how long it’s been around?

All that said, I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because I’m hesitant on throwing money out there. Waiting to get some feedback from WineBerserkers before giving it a try.

Ordered a half case in early October. Haven’t received anything yet but was told recently it was about to “be put on the boat” and should arrive in the US in February. I’ll report back then.

as far as we know based on the discussion with Adam, Vint has a significant portion of their business being Liv-ex b2b arbitrage. Thats not to say premier cru cant happen, but of course, its a viable business model albeit very tight margins, with long delivery times. If you’re ok with that theres no reason not to use, probably.

Hi Justin - we have a few from the other thread who have ordered and received their wines. (@Chris_Seiber - I just looked at your first order, and it’s on the water, we should have it in our warehouse in a few weeks) Some of the stock listed on our marketplace is from liv-ex, some is from other trusted stockholding merchants (negociants, etc.) and there is also a good amount of inventory that has been sourced and is on offer from our investment arm (

We don’t source from private collections, it’s all bonded / professionally stored stock in original case, etc. etc. Happy to answer any questions you (or anyone else) may have.


There was a mixup with shipping dates on a recent order, but Adam was extremely responsive and immediately made things right. Would definitely recommend them. Note if you live in the DMV: though they have a DC address, it seems that the warehouse is in CT.

I recently placed and received an order for some in-stock bottles. Not as “high stakes” as a pre-arrival order, to be sure, but my bottles were shipped out right when I wanted and Adam was very responsive. Happy to report a smooth experience, which is more than I can say for Fed-Ex who delayed the order in transit!

I’d also note that this wouldn’t be how a Ponzi scheme works, anyway. A Ponzi scheme isn’t taking a bunch of money and never delivering anything. It’s taking money, giving good return/deals so you get more buyers/investors, using the new money to keep giving more good return/deals, using that to get more buyers/investors, until one day you can’t get enough new business to cover it and then it all falls apart and those last rounds of buyers/investors are left holding the bag.

e.g. ‘introduce a friend and get 10% of their spend with us every year!’

actually I guess thats more like MLM

I have ordered a case in November and yet to receive them. In my mind, their offers of selling well-known wines at a discount for 3~4 month pre-order seems like a tactic to short sell wine; in other words, they are making bets that wine prices will come down in few months. This seems to be working for some wines (especially champagne), but I think there is some risk; in particular, if wine prices do not come down by this summer or goes up, who knows what will happen to these orders? I have the same thoughts with Larchmont.

Hi Jake - thanks for your order. Just to clarify, we either own / manage the stock on our marketplace outright or secure it immediately one an order is placed on our site. Everything is bought and paid for straightaway, we’re not speculating on any future price changes in order to be able to fulfill orders.


Also, I believe that I identified your account in our system (you ordered some champagne). If I’ve got the right account, your wine is leaving Europe now and will be with us mid-April.