RESULTS POSTED - Blind California vrs Aussie Syrah at OPH in the OC on Dec. 12

Guys, sorry to do this, but Shilo is not going to be able to come (I will be there though.) Unforeseen circumstances have made her unavailable this go round. So if there is someone on the waitlist, bring ‘em on in.

I see this is full and there is a wait list. Please add me to the wait list since this time of year people have all sorts of conflicts and someone may need to back out at the last minute. I can offer CA or AU.

Since Shilo can’t make it, P. Natale is in, but if they don’t respond, it looks like you may sneak in under the wire!

Yep Marilyn - you are now #1 on the Waiting List. [oops.gif]
People are not dropping like flies, but I think it looks pretty good.
Plan on it.

Okay, if you’re taking suggestions, I wouldn’t mind having TWO hours of tasting before voting. Also, I’m rather fond of the dark . .I’m usually in it!

Recall that this is a double blind Syrah face off CA - AU. Opened bottles go to Clara to bag. Try to keep them hidden till you get them to her, and she will randomly number and distribute them. We already know we got a Mollydooker headbang coming, but that is all the info we we need to know. We will vote for our top 3 favorites, our least favorite, and what country they all come from. Upon reveal, we will laugh and cry appropriately, especially if a sandbagging CA Pinot or FR Rhone pileon bottle wins.

Prizes will be awarded to the person who brings the #1, 2, 3, and 24th (or whatever is last) favorite bottles, and to whomever gets the most countries right.

#1: 2005 McPrice Myers Larner Vineyard Magnum
#2: 2005 Two Hands, Lily’s Garden
#3: 2007 Tercero, Larner Vineyard
#24: 2000 Bonny Doon, Heart of Darkness (from Madiran France)
Most Countries: 2006 Dutschke Sun-Dried Shiraz (18%) 375 ml - in case of a tie, we will simply open it and share it around

Because Chris is slow, we will take two hours to do the tasting. But, whatever the outcome, lets have fun.

whatshould i bring? AU or US?

Charlie - It is your call - we are about even on the country count so it does not matter much. Bring what you feel good about. Winning is good. Hey, this will be your first OPH event. We are pretty casual here in Margaritaville.

BS!!! One must allow for tasting, bs, tasting, bs, tasting, tasting, bs, bs, bs, tasting, bs,… . .it takes time. . . neener

Chris, Chris, Chris, … We are doing CA & AU wines precisely and absolutely BECAUSE I do not like BS in my wines. [bullshit.gif]
Now you are bringing, or requiring, BS at our “fruit-is-primary” tasting? Don’t go there!!! deadhorse

Okay, okay, okay. . … .I won’t talk dirty [tease.gif]

That means you cannot talk, and that, yes that, is impossible.

I think I must gracefully resign myself from this event. I will SO miss all of those Aussies. neener

Whose next?

this is a travesty among all travesties. Who will take notes!?

I can drop off a pad and a pen for you Charlie.

Ahh… [bullshit.gif] Bring one of your favorite Syrahs, and see how it fares.

yes plz. flirtysmile

Eldon and all, I need to to pull out of the event as I have come down with one brutal stomach virus that I feel will keep me sidelined for a few more days. [barf.gif]
Sorry to miss the event, and to see everyone before the Christmas Holiday. Have a great time as I drink my non-alcoholic beverages and rest up from the past couple days.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. [drinkers.gif]

Wetrock, you just couldn’t bear to see your Cali Syrahs stomped by the Aussies again, huh?

Man up, show up and write up! [tease.gif]

Mike and Dana - sorry you cannot make it. Take care and see you at Falltacular.
Cris - same thing.

Marilyn, you are now definitely in, and we even have a couple more spaces if anyone has the urge to make it. The weather looks like crap for BBQ’ing, [truce.gif] but they have not managed to get that too right yet. Still, as contingencies, I will move the portable gas grill up under the garage overhang so we will not drown while cooking if needed. We also have a cook-friendly kitchen so feel free to use that in your contingency planning as well.

Anyone need directions? newhere

See you all soon. grouphug