RESULTS POSTED - Blind California vrs Aussie Syrah at OPH in the OC on Dec. 12

For several reasons, I have to change the date for this event to Dec. 12, and let Clara’s Santas overwhelm us. This will be a BLIND showdown of California versus Australia Syrah/Shiraz. Lets go with 24 people (max) and try to even out the country contributions. Don’t post your specific wines, just your country - so we can try to do it double blind. I have plenty of each country so I will wait to see how it shakes out. Lets say 3:30 pm, and, of course the BB will be on. Meat - its what’s for dinner.

  1. Eldon and Clara Gath (counts as 1) (AU/CA - tbd)
  2. Veronica Castro (AU)
  3. Chris White (AU)
  4. Paul Burns (AU)
  5. Carolyn (CA)
  6. Mark and Francine Hubbard (counts as 1) (AU)
  7. Mark Cargassachi +1 (CA + CA)
  8. Rob and Francine (AU + AU)
  9. Glen Murlin (CA)
  10. Yoni (CA)
  11. Barry Cole (AU)
  12. Charlie Fu (CA/AU)
  13. Tom Cook (AU)
  14. Monte & Diane Murbach (tbd)
  15. Robin Miller (AU) The DOOKER IS IN THE HOUSE!!!
  16. Heinz & Wendy Kruse (CA + AU)
  17. Paul Natale
  18. Marilyn Sherman

California - 9
Australia - 11
Undecided - 4

When you arrive, please give your [opened] wine(s) to Clara and/or Francine. They will then place them into a numbered bag and put them out in random order. Try not to let people see what you are bringing so we can keep this as blind as possible. As you go through them, keep track of your top 5 favorites, and your least favorite. I will have prizes for the bringers of the top three favorite wines, and the least favorite wine.

Sure. Count me in. Bombs away!

So this is essentially ‘FlabFest’, huh?

I will be in AZ that weekend, but in any case, I don’t have the Aussies. My wines all (unfortunately) have acid!

One of these days, Eldon, I will go to one of your Offlines, so I can raid your cellar and remove all those horrible, stinky old French wines for you.

Dang, I am on the road all of Nov into Dec and the 5th is one of my only days home. I would love to make it, but, the schedule is just not in my favor. Enjoy!


I could come and just bring a good wine and stick it in the corner. Maybe some Muscadet or Barolo just to go anti-theme.

The Aussie fans will think that said wine is good for use in rinsing their glasses. The acid helps cut the inky thickness when switching wines.

Sure, I’m in! Let’s get bombed! Blind and bombed, now there’s a party!!! [drinkers.gif] [drinkers.gif] [drinkers.gif] [drinkers.gif] [drinkers.gif] [drinkers.gif]

Wow-how the blind cannot see! Let’s just think with our brains, not our … palates? So, since this is BLIND and someone sneaks in a FROG wine, and it wins … well then the OC/OPH world will know. But of course, the chances of that are less than slim or none. And the Frogs actually know it. So do the Dons. Do the Californios? Ah ha!!! That is the ?? Bring your vino - put it in a bag, and let the OPH World decide.

Ok - let’s make it more real/fun. This will be blind. This will compare Australian and California Syrahs. We will limit it to 24 people, 12 AU and 12 US. When you decide to come, simply post if you are bringing AU or US. We will bag them all upon arrival. It will remain double blind. In the tasting, pick your favorite 1-2-3, and the country it comes from. Lets see how it turns out. Better? Alternative suggestions to make it fun?

I’m in +1.

I don’t have the endurance to taste and rank blind 24 CA/AU Syrahs. That is a lot of alcohol %.

Spit the s–t.

Love Aussies - put me down for this! Francine will come as a designated driver and sip on bubbly instead of partaking in the reds - okay?

Eldon, I’ll bring an Aussie.

What’s his name?

I’ll bring both. My plus one is a cali fan.

Hahahahaha. I was thinking of posting something like that!
Alas, the lucky Aussie is yet to be decided. . . . I’ve collected a few. Rest assured, they are tasty :wink: [tease.gif]

I am posting for Mark C. He is in +1. Cali syrahs.

Lisa and I will be in Paso that weekend…will tip one or two Central Coast Syrahs, in all your honors, that night.


I’ll bring an Aussie and can bring a Central Coast or Napa Syrah. Whichever you prefer.