RESULTS POSTED - Blind California vrs Aussie Syrah at OPH in the OC on Dec. 12

Everyone, please note the weekend change, mandated by the need to set up the Santa Claus museum before this could occur. Everyone who had confirmed can still make it, and maybe some of you with constraints can now make it. I want to keep this as blind a comparison as possible, so when you get here give your bottle to Clara who will bag and number it, and place it into the lineup. I will print up some tasting sheets. Unless there is a better way, it will be 3-2-1 points for your 1-2-3, and then also pick the country. We will have something for the bringer of the best wines (1-2-3), and who gets the most countries right.

Ok Eldon…Put myself and Francine down. Here goes nothing…My country will be AU.

Put me down as a yes. I’ll bring a California wine.



I’m almost positive that Shilo and I can make it. We’ll both bring CA Syrah’s.

That is GREAT!! Love to see you make an OPH event!!!

Hey, hey, hey. Count me in with an Aussie red.


YOU (yes you Barry), do YOU actually HAVE an Aussie Red, or are you going to have to head off to source one? I am shocked to the core of my being. It also means that this blind tasting has real potential to be shocking as well. [welldone.gif]

We are definitely in! We can’t wait for this…thanks for setting it up.

Didn’t see the theme change. Count me in with a Cali to help with the beat down that the Aussies will receive. [stirthepothal.gif]

Eldon, add Dana and I to the get together. One of each for the pool of wine.

Cris, Mike, and Dana … in with the wind.
We are looking good.

count me in, put me down for AU or CA, doesn’t matter… whichever one we need a filler

I will bring an Aussie wine!
And some BEEF!
See y’all on 12th of Dec.

Both of you are in.
Charlie - welcome to OPH!!
We are filling up.

Hey WetRock - your memory is failing you! Remember the WA 95+ Cali Syrah shootout we did at Cafe 14 on 11/30/2007 with the best Cali Syrahs represented? Only one of the wines (one of the two Sine Qua Non’s) beat the little Aussie ringer I slipped into the mix (which also included three 2002 Albans, two Pax, Copain, Linne Colado, Lucia, Carlisle, Radio-Coteau and Kongsgaard):

WOTN Group Vote
#1 - 1998 Sine Qua Non E-Raised
#2 - 2004 Oliverhill Jimmy Section
#3 - 2005 Stolpman Estate
#4 - 2003 Saxum Bone Rock

You better step up your Cali Syrah selection lest you suffer a similar fate! neener

I remember that well sir. I consider myself challenged. [berserker.gif]

Sign me up, I can bring a Molly Dooker!!! Even though I prefer the Calif Sarah’s

The DOOKER is in the House!!! headbang

— you just want to get rid of it, right? [tease.gif]

Eldon, our friends in Lake Forest (Heinz & Wendy Kruse) would like to take the last two spots, if available. I’ll cover them with two highly rated bottles, one Cali and one Aussie.

Sounds good, they are in and that fills us up. Waiting list started, and Post #1 updated.

Here is the plan currently. Lets plan to start at 3:30-ish with some of Clara’s empanadas and any other appetizer someone brings. We can do some whites and a little cooking until everyone gets here. When you arrive, please give your [opened] wine(s) to Clara and/or Francine. They will then place them into a numbered bag and put them out in random order. Try not to let people see what you are bringing so we can keep this as blind as possible.

We will start the official tasting at 4:30, and hopefully we can get through the bottles by 6:00. As you go through them, keep track of your top 5 favorites, and your least favorite. While the scores are being tabulated, we can start working on real eating. I will have prizes for the bringers of the top three favorite wines, and the least favorite wine.

Question, do you think we are starting too late, too early, or just right? It will be dark by 5.