PSA: First Bottle Wines Sale

I see no link on header.

There is a link for those that already have an account to refer others. If you (like me) were looking for someone else to refer them to get a small discount on the first order, that is in fact not on the website (at least for me, could be targeted based on market), but can be found earlier in this thread.

I have an account, but no header for a sale, Have tried incognito as well…

Also Amex had an offer for $50 off a purchase over $250, needed to be added to your card prior to purchase. I used it and got a $50 statement credit

This is Firstbottle current offer. Top line REFER FRIENDS/GET $


Just a heads up.

Fairly confident that the “Mystery Wine” on First Bottle’s front page is Chanin 2020 ‘Sanford & Benedict Vineyard’ Pinot Noir

Also, I bought 3 and still got free shipping so don’t think you need to buy 6.

I would guess Sanford, going by their list price of 92$ on their website.

It’s in the email


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Seems more likely I suppose.


No vintage listed? That’s odd.

Fine print says it’s adjacent to Sanford and Benedict. So Fiddlestix or Rinconada?


Assuming Alex is correct with Sanford, and assuming the list price of $92 is accurate, it seems likely either to be one of the single block bottlings from Sanford & Benedict or the Vista al Rio which is a blend from Rinconada and S&B.

I think I figured it out: Sanford 2018 Loma Alta Pinot Noir

  • $92 at the winery
  • JD gave it 94 points
  • It’s a block on Rinconada, i.e “S&B adjacent”

I agree:

2017 Sanford Pinot vista Al rio was on the last marathon for $39

JD 94 pts


Received my order today. The 2017 Sanford Vista Al Rio was correct.


Did you try it? Thoughts?

Sorry, haven’t tried it.

Just a quick PSA for you all…I received an offer from First Bottle Wines (the sister company to Last Bottle Wines) yesterday with what seems like a crazy good deal on 2016 Big Basin Syrah Rattlesnake Vineyard for $25/bottle…I have never had this wine before, but the reviews on CellarTracker and on this board are pretty good…I got 6-bottles with free shipping included. Looking forward to trying it…

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Great deal, they had a similar offer on a different bottling a month or 2 ago.