PSA: First Bottle Wines Sale

Just a heads up, is having a 15% off sale on everything site wide from now through Monday with the promo code SUMMER2019. I already got my Rieslings (being held until it cools down though), so have at it!


Anyone have any feedback on any of the available champagne?

I’m not familiar with most of the Champagne they have, but I’ve had the PIERRE MONCUIT BLANC DE BLANCS GRAND CRU NV and I think it’s great and punches far above it’s weight class (i.e., great value buy). I’d be very surprised if you were disappointed with this Champagne at this price.

First time browsing the site, and everything’s pretty solid, including champagne.

I like Laherte Freres and the Lanson Noble Cuvee Brut Champagne 2002. The prices didn’t seem that great though–even with 15% off.

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Any specific recommendation? Especially the vintages ones?

Super helpful, thanks!

I haven’t had the 2007 Comtes yet but the 2006 is a favorite of nearly everyone. The 2008 has yet to be released, but assuming it stays at the same price, it will be a case buy.

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At 15% off, I’d look at:

Comtes is at a good price too.

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It’s nice to hear that you like the Henri Billiot 2012, because I scored a bottle during the Last Bottle Marathon Sale for $59, but I have yet to taste it as it’s currently laying down in my offsite.

I like the style and given the cost, something that could be cellared in some quantity.

Thanks for the heads up, ordered a mixed case of champagnes that were all several bucks cheaper than anywhere else online and free shipping to boot.

Any coupons here for the new year? Looking to pull the trigger on some Barolo and other decent deals.

I’m on their email list and unaware of any sales/discount codes.

Yeah they have some stuff that would be attractive at 15% offz

Does first bottle have any referral codes for signup similar to wineaccess?

Yes, got to their website. Link in top header.

They issue a code. All info on their site.

Yes, $10 off first purchase: First Bottle - Sign Up

There is also a $50 off $250 Amex Offer right now.

I might be wrong but I think that referral link gives the credit to the person that posted it not the party signing up.

No—$10 to the new user, $30 to the referrer

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