Producers you are currently boycotting?

The current “Producers that you are suprised are so sought after?” got me thinking. What producers are you currently not buying from due to a bad situation. I’m not talking about a producer that makes wine that you just don’t like; I’m talking about a producer whose wine you would normally purchase but aren’t because of a bad experience. Could be a series of bad bottles, poor interaction with the producer, or any other myriad of issues. You don’t have to explain why.


Not that it’s typically my style, but every bottle of their basic cabernet I’ve tasted has been corked. The Magnificat is a very nice wine, but I’d never gamble my money on one solely because they seem to have TCA issues.

Domaine de Montille. As long as the odious Hubert is on this side of the grass, I will neither purchase nor consume their wines.

DRC. Still miffed at their failure to respond to my request for samples.

Kistler and Rochioli. Disrespect earns no repeat business from me. About 10 years of no Kistler and 23 or so of no Rochioli.


A few years ago I was in Napa. They were our 1st stop in the morning. We were there 7 minutes late. We were told that the tasting group had started without us and we could reschedule. We said, “Sorry, we’re 7 minutes late… but we’re wall to wall with appointments today and we don’t mind catching up, even if we miss the first pour.” The gentlemen said, “no… Sorry, you’re too late” …7 minutes??

I’ve not had their juice touch my lips since that time, nor will I ever.

Caymus, I was 7 minutes late. There was rain that morning and a HUGE, SLOW line of classic cars heading up Hwy 29…
you can kindly go yourself.

All things being said, We ended up walking into Del Dotto and had a fun morning in spite of it. I think I spent like $900 at Del Dotto that day which blows my mind that Caymus is that strict, short sided and full of their own BS.

& this is funny… >>>

SQN. They won’t even send me a postcard.


  1. Rubicon — horrid tasting experience at the winery (overpriced; full of themselves; rude; condescending; etc. …). I actually love their Edizione Pennino Zin.
  2. Linne Calodo — three bad tasting experiences at the winery (full of themselves; condescending; overpriced). I’d buy some of their wines if they were priced appropriately (my opinion, of course) and if I hadn’t had such horrible tasting experiences at the winery.
  3. Turley — hate their bottles, and a 50% rate of bad tasting room experiences (aloof); actually like a few of their wines quite a lot, and would go back to buying them if they changed their bottles.
  4. Charles Smith/K Vintners — I think he’s a jerk; enjoyed the two K Vintners Syrahs I’ve tasted, so would probably be a customer if I didn’t feel the way I do.

Marcoux - the only producer who refused to sell me wine because I was living in Germany and they said I had to go through their importer (and pay the premium). I never understood it.

And therefore most producers whose bottles I could afford but who refuse to sell direct to me, and send me to a retailer instead. I, in turn, refuse to pay a ransom to a retailer for a “service” I don’t need.

Hourglass–messed up an order and made no attempt to rectify
Larkmead–hate their tasting room policy

Which is what?

$40 pp tasting fee
They assign you to “a rep” who takes you to an area away from other people–kind of like looking at timeshares
They waive the fee with a 3 bottle pp purchase, but they won’t sell you any of the good wines, or even the mediocre ones
Just the sith

Guillaume this is very recognizable! [drinkers.gif] Especially with Italian wines we have this problem in Belgium, you end up paying 30% more for most Baroli than in shops in Italy or Germany and this type of discussions with the producers is in general useless.

Evening Land.

Removing the opportunity for many of Oregon’s great winemakers to work with the fruit from the Seven Springs vineyard left me with no desire to try their production.

This is a shock. What does he do that is odious?

Berry, this is an old can of worms that’s been beaten to death already. Just look up “Hubert de Montille Rovani” and you should find the information Mark is referring to.

Found the info. I cant beleive he said that. Seems like such a nice guy.

[swearing.gif] For me, it’s Rafanelli. It took three attempts to get an appointment – and by “attempts,” I mean two appointments that were cancelled the day of the tasting before they actually kept one – and two failed attempts to get on their mailing list, even though I followed their procedure to the letter and wrote via snail mail and confirmed receipt via telephone. There is a fine line between old-school and quirky and downright difficult, and they seem to land squarely in the latter for me. I tried, but enough… so all of their fans can have my bottles.

I’m not boycotting, but I know what you mean.