Producers you are currently boycotting?

Anthill. 2008 Anderson Valley was a fiasco.

Neal Family Vineyards. Mark Neal was the biggest a-hole I ever met. Our tasting experience at the winery was salvaged when the winemaker came over, apologized and took us on a tour. I literally tossed out several bottles of his wine we had st home and would never buy wine from him again.

Oh yeah, I forgot that I’m boycotting them too [snort.gif]

All of the producers of Ribera del Duero (except Dominio Atauta) until all of the wines stop tasting exactly the same.


Screaming Eagle

or maybe they’re boycotting me


Ditto. Larkmead was our 2nd worst tasting ever (after Phelps).

Not sure I’m boycotting but certainly on the edge with Paul Hobbs who failed to reply to 2 (maybe 3) voicemails trying to schedule a tasting last September.

O’Shaughnessey - Due to an awful, unpleasant visit.

I almost boycotted Linne Calodo after our visit. They were polite enough even though we were 15 minutes early for our appointment but what made me think about boycotting them was that we could not buy two of the three wines we tasted unless we joined the wine club. We had planned to buy a couple of each until they wouldn’t let us. This was the first day of our trip so I really didn’t want to start joining wine clubs until we had sampled the wares at a number of places. We bought a few bottles of what we could and took them home. After opening one at home and thoroughly enjoying it, we ordered a few more. I would like to order others but alas, I am not allowed.

I’ve been very vocal about all of these before, but here they are.

Rafanelli because of the way I was treated.
Dehlinger because of the way they handled a corked bottle.
Domaine Serene because of their overall attitude toward every other producer in the Willamette Valley.

Must be a Patty Rafanelli story. I’ve never met her, so I have no personal opinion, but from the stories it seems that she’s rubbed some folks the wrong way over the years.


Tablas Creek because of their response to a spritzy Esprit de Beaucastel - since resolved amicably
Frank Family for treating their tasting room as a profit center

Holdredge because the winemaker has always been a jerk to me.

Well, somehow I suspect you started it. [cheers.gif]

It began one morning when i was shaving and the guy says “hey you, yeah you, you looking at me”?

Don’t feel singled out. He’s a jerk to everybody.

Yeah, you wouldn’t believe what I’ve heard him say about you!

Like anybody pays attention to what that assbite has to say.

Maybe after 23 years it is time to forgive !
Peace !