Pre-1998 Williams Selyem: Mountain View (SF Bay) Tues.10/23

Among those who have replied re date, it’s unanimous for Oct. 23.

Oct. 23rd is good for me. Looking forward to this…

I’m in, if there’s still room. I get the bart down and ride over with Alan…Yea Alan.

How big a pour does Craig’s dogs get?

Can you ask the restaurant if they allow outside tater tots?

Can’t do the 23rd. Enjoy.

George I’m in!!!

Thanks for putting this together. Gonna be great.

See first post for details, I keep updating it. I’m going to the restaurant tonight and I’ll check out their stemware but I suggest bring your own.

Ok I checked. Their pinot glasses are a good shape and size but they have rolled rims instead of cut rims so I’d bring your own and maybe use one of theirs eg.

Looks like we’ll have up to 14 people. I’m wondering if we should use measuring beakers for pouring? With that many folks, it’s pretty easy to take too large a pour.

Please put me on the wait list. It looks like I’ll be in town.

Since my cellar lacks any American PN older than 2004, I’ll bring some bubbles…

I’m going to bring doubles when possible. I think the only issue will be people wanting seconds on Gene’s bubbles. The WS won’t be an issue.

You’re in, as long as you follow through with our arrangement and give me the negatives as well as all copies.

Put me in front of Craig on the waitlist

In fact, you can have the waitlist all to yourself. I’m confirmed!

Not even, Andrew is #2 on waitlist by several hours.

You should make him #3 so he has some personal space.

He is already #3. #1 is a redacted secret attendee. I have my fingers crossed it’s Bert. Or Ernie.

Unfortunately I’m under the weather, and need to get/stay healthy for the rest of my wine that’s still fermenting. So I’m gonna have to cancel so some deserving wait list person can enjoy. Have a great time.

See updated attendance.