Pre-1998 Williams Selyem: Mountain View (SF Bay) Tues.10/23

UPDATED 10/22, changes on attendance but nothing else

This first post is all you need, it is updated.

I’ll supply the WS wines, maybe six of them including what looks like a 1979 or so Hacienda del Rio (the original Williams-Selyem venture) (help me Blake Brown re vintage) zinfandel with great fill. I acquired them over several years with unknown provenance so look out brett.

You bring a wine that is either not a dry red, or is a substantially older (pre-2000) American pinot. White wines and bubbles and stickies are fine, any vintage, any country, or an old US pinot. No exceptions because don’t screw up our palates for the old gentle WS’s.

No need to post what you’re bringing.

Strangers welcome.

Bring cash.

Stems: bring your own, or at least a couple. Their glasses would be very good but for the thick rolled rims.

Restaurant Vaso Azzurro on the east end of Castro Street’s Restaurant Row in Mountain View. Park in city garage on that street for free. Another free garage right behind the restaurant. Tuesday Oct. 23 6:30 PM.

Michael and Shannon Rossi (WS fans)
Craig G

Wes and Eric are out. We are at 14.

I’ll join if it’s in LG and I’m in the country.

Interested, but can’t commit since it’s in the middle of harvest season.

I’ll join if it’s in LG and he’s out of the country. But not if it’s out of the country and he’s in LG.

You’re in for a treat; had a ‘97 WS a week ago and it was in a lovely place

This statement holds a special place in my heart.

I’m interested, but can’t commit yet. I can bring a bottle of German Riesling from the 2001-4 vintage, if that would work.

Do you need someone to edit your jokes? My rates are reasonable.

Stop bragging about your dining room.

Come by sometime; equal opportunity safe space for both AFWE and rocket fuel enthusiasts

Looks like a lovely place to me

Of course George… Sounds Fantastic

I’m also interested, and have a quite old Chalone Pinot to throw into the ring. But it’s crush, and its a long ways to drive on what will probably be a school night.

Wes and Eric when do things calm down?

Late October, usually.

Since the Peninsula Monday group is meeting 9/24 plus harvest, I might postpone this to mid October. Anyone have a strong preference?

FYI anyone reading this is welcome if you RSVP, bring cash, no surprise friends in tow, and follow the wine bringing rules.

I would love to make this if I can. End of October would be great. I promise to follow the rules!

This is starting to look like end of October.

Yeah, things will be done by end of Oct. Looking forward to it!

I would really like to try and carve this out in next months schedule so I can make it. Any updates or thoughts on when this might take place if it is still being considered?