Pre-1998 Williams Selyem: Mountain View (SF Bay) Tues.10/23

Coincidentally today I started checking others’ schedules. Right now,all I have is:
Late October
Los Gatos Golden Triangle, Mountain View Vaso Azzurro, or West Oakland Stay Gold

Los Gatos the frontrunner

I vote for Stay Gold. No particular reason…

I’m very interested, but can only join if it’s in Mountain View. Need Caltrain access to get back to SF…

I’m interested if it’s in MV and Eric brings a Chalone. I had one from the 70’s once and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Still interested, open to any of the venues, though my preference would be MV. As for dates, I’ll be away 24-31, so that might eliminate me anyway.

I vote MV.

MV would work better for me, too.

Very interested! Ditto on MV working for me, but Oakland could also work.

Given Alan’s schedule: Anyone object to Tuesday either October 23 or Election Night November 6 Mountain View at Vaso Azzurro? Years ago (15?) I hosted a Brunello thing there and I’ve been thrice since and a month ago they said we’d be welcome. We might have to limit apps and desserts to keep the cost down but I’ll ask re corkage. Street parking is difficult but I hope the city garage on Castro is free.

Oakland Stay Gold is BBQ. I’m thinking some day with zin and syrah and CdP and merlot and whites. The owner Jayson has a killer cellar of his own and would join us when he could. He hosted Eric Lundblad to pour his wines. Really sketchy area but appearances deceive. But not the food for old gentle pinot.

So: 10/23 or 11/6?

Yes, the city garage is free. Our city doesn’t work to deter customers from frequenting our businesses.

I’d prefer the 23rd.

Vaso Azzuro says: “Either date works for 10 to 12 people. It will be an honor, a pleasure, and lots of fun.”

I’m hurt they obviously don’t remember me.

My vote is for election night. Last year’s was a lot of fun pileon But I will do the 23rd if that’s favored by the group.

Yes let’s stare at our phones all evening in shock.

Update: Because they liked my previous dinner there and know who I am, slight corkage deal for us, $15 per bottle.

I’ll wait a few days before picking which date.

Oct. 23. I’d prefer to NOT have it on Election Day. I don’t want to repeat our 2016 offline.

You guys are no fun at all. Besides, there’s not much mystery: I can tell you right now who will be president and governor :wink:

George, you caved too easily on location. Make the other guys drive once in a while. And free corkage.

I prefer 10/23, but either could work

I hear you fellow Los Gatan and Eric’s going to have to take the Dunbarton. But there is an additional factor of my longtime wish to return for an event someday at Vaso Azzurro in particular. I will be disappointed if they don’t undercount our bottles. Any other Mt. View restaurant would have lost to Golden Triangle.

Also I’m not sure Golden Triangle will be around much longer. But as long as it’s there I intend to arrange more dinners there. I can check Return to Vaso off my bucket list, nostalgia wines, nostalgia venue. I’ll bring an old WS to the next dinner you can attend. Please drop the dogs off by 7 am thanks.

Just for the record, I drive every time. You guys keep rejecting my offer of Fremont Sizzler. Pretty sure I can talk them into unlimited tater tots, if that’s not an attraction no other restaurant can offer I don’t know what is.

Count me in. Let me know when and where.