Official Costco Thread

Looks amazing!! Cast iron skillet for the win for sure!

So funny as i almost went A5 tonight! Your picture is making me wish that I did! :cheers:

Very interesting. The last time I cooked A5 almost well done. The meat basted itself.

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I agree. I went on a Denver Costco tour during my last trip to Colorado at the beginning of the month and felt like it was just a waste of gas money…but beautiful scenery on the westside portion of the drive.

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Carlsbad this morning…


This Costco makes mine look like a 7-11. Wow.


I’m new to this thread. I’m not used to seeing half bottles at Costco, but today my Oregon Costco had three different half bottles of inexpensive California cabs.

At the culver/marina del rey location yesterday


At #143 Mountain View, CA
Torbreck got a double discount, markdown and coupon. $10.97
2015 Suduiraut $69.49


I saw these and had to buy one to try.


Wow, i havent had this in years, but that feels likea great price!

It used to be a good wine that aged well so hopefully its still made in a similar style.

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What an awfully label. The old one was quite nice.

A wine I cut my teeth on in the early 90s, you could often find it in costco for sub-$20. Then, if I recall, the 96 got spectator’s woty, and the winery would let you buy a single bottle. Stopped buying it around then as I shifted to other regions.


Agreed. It looks like a failed attempt to make the wine look VERY IMPORTANT.

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Surprised to see this at the Hillsboro location.


Saw this in SODO yesterday as well. Just not interested in a 14% WV Pinot where the winemakers say, ‘The 2021 vintage presented some unique challenges. Although the weather was spectacular, several logistical challenges presented themselves due to the pandemic. All of this was overcome and the team is looking forward to fantastic wines.’

Makes me think it’s was picked a bit late…

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At #471 while waiting for tire installation…

Look at all the grape sources… In a prior generation these used to be pretty solid but I have not had recent ones since the ownership change

$8 direct import Cahors being sold to regular America. I couldn’t resist! I haven’t had anything from this AOC in a while.

The Sunce got price chopped fast – this was $20 more just last week!

This is a Jim Beam bottling that I’m not familiar with. It does have the lovely Death Star pricing though

2018 brane cantenac 39.97

Bolingbrook, Illinois


2018 vintage notwithstanding, at that price, it is certainly worth a look.

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They have had these in Bolingbrook at that price since Labor Day. I don’t normally drink Bordeaux that young but I bought a bunch so I tried one and thought I was very good…certainly worth $40!

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Dasssright. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer::facepunch::metal::rofl: