Official Costco Thread

WTSO and Last Bottle have their threads, so time to put one up for Costco. Varies from location to location and in SF we are lucky to have the Mtn View and Redwood City stores which have great selections and some attractive pricing…plus you get Costco’s “we’ll take any return” policy and rapid turnover. As a casual observation, it does seem like they are picking up more Old World wines these days with the much cheaper Euro FX.

High end Bordeaux, DRC, mags of Schafer Hillside, 2013 Scarecrow and $20K bottles of Scotch…something for everyone.

To kick it off here is what is currently available based on the Mtn View/Redwood City stores:

2013 Trimbach Riesling $15.99
2014 Pink Pégau $14.99
2011 Villa Antinori Chianti Riserva $19.99
2013 Produtti Barbaresco $25.99
2014 Livio Fellga Pinot Grigio $17.99
2012 Au Bon Climat Nuits Blanches au Bouge Chard $24,99
2013 or 2014 Sojourn Campbell Ranch PN $44.99
Krug Grand Cuvée NV 169.99
Roederer Estate Anderson Valley Sparkler $17.99 (occasionally on promo for $15.89)
Stags Leap Petite Sirah $18,99


Good call.

Don’t forget to post which store you found the wine at!

The Irvine (in the District) and Fountain Valley ones have really become a wasteland for the wine geek in the last year or two. Sure, there are wines worth drinking and sometimes good pricing, but other than 2010 Montus Madiran earlier this year for a short while, there has been basically nothing to get excited about as a wine geek.

Mountain view CA - 2010 Catena Zapata Nicolas $70-80- delicious balanced

Cypress (Orange County)
Damilano Lecinquevigne Barolo 2010 - $25
Willamette Valley whole cluster pinot noir 2015 - $15
Duboeuf Morgon - $14 (along with 2-3 other Bojos that I dont remember)

I must have missed this. What DRC and where?

Washington DC Costco has 2008 Igino Accordini Amarone della Valpolicella Classico Le Bessole for $27.99 Nice wine, IMO.

Good thread to start, thanks for taking dive here. I’d love to find some deals in Northern CA at Costco’s!

Just bought Bollinger Special Cuvee 375’s for $20 at the Woodinville WA Costco. Cheaper than the 750ml by quite a bit.

I’ve been buying Evening Land 2013 Eola Amity Hills Pinot Noir for $20 at the Silverdale, WA Costco.

Arlington VA Costco
De Toren Z 33.99

Wow, I’d get several cases of that! Any Champagne splits at $20 is a deal

Martin, the Redwood City store has had bottles of La Tâche, Grand Echezeaux and Echezeaux off and on over the past couple of years. At some point I had noted the prices, but the only one I can find is $1499 for a 2009 G-E… The next time I see it, I will ping you.

The most expensive bottle I of anyting I have seen there was for an Johnnie Walker 1805 Blue Label for $19,999…and the lady in the wine section told me a customer came in and took two bottles.

Saint Louis Park (Minneapolis) Costco sucks. That is all.

And Burnsville is the same. :frowning:

Best Wine Searcher is $35, so for $20 I would clean them out. champagne.gif

Both Scottsdale AZ Costcos have a ton of the 2014 Cameron Hughes lot 522 Contra Costa Field Blend. At $9.99, it’s seriously in the running for best QPR ever. Rasberry and dark savory fruis with plenty of complexity and a decent streak of acidity. Should also age well, as I’ve found them better on days 2 and even 3.

Already bought a case and a half and will more than likely grab more.

Freaking love Costco.

I would love it even more if mine had the 2012 Au Bon Climat Nuits Blanches au Bouge Chard $24,99.
What a deal, I’m not supposed to gripe because we got the Match Cab deals here.

Nice! Been dying to try some of that Match cab. Never get a sniff at it here in AZ.

Saw Match Butterhill Dragon for 34.99 here in West Plano Costco. Didn’t look at the vintage.

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