Offer Ended! **Bonus Bottle** Deaver Wines *NEWBIE*..Port (Mission, Zin), Zin, Petite, Alicante..30% off, Ship Incl

Ports!!, Zinfandel, Petite Sirah, and Alicante Bouschet, oh my! Deaver Vineyards (Sierra Foothills) is excited to participate in our very first BerserkerDay.

Hello, Berserkers!! This is Brad Dehn (longtime Berserker), General Manager of Deaver Winery and we are celebrating our first BerserkerDay with a set of samplers discounted to 30%. Ground shipping included! Sitting at home last night (actually in bed as where I do most my forward thinking) and had a thought…for those that purchase both sample offers this would leave a open slot in the required 6/9/12 bottle packing box??? Seems like a waste of potential…how about we reward these Berserker’s and provide a “thank you bottle” just because. Therefore, as of this morning’s posting any purchase that includes both sample offers will receive a Bonus Bottle!! This bottle will be red and one of our 5 different Zinfandel’s!!

Limit 1 “Port” offer per customer

Offer #1…Port Sampler (Retail…$94 + shipping)
MSport_ZinPort Bottles

1x Deaver 1854 Mission Port (.375)
1x Deaver Zinfandel Port (.375)

Berserker Day Price $65.80
Shipping Included

Click Here to order.

Limit 3 “Red” offers per customer

Offer #2…Red Sampler (Retail…$97 + shipping)

1x 2018 Alicante Bouschet
1x 2018 Signature Zinfandel
1x 2017 Petite Sirah

Berserker Day Price $67.90
Shipping Included

Click Here to order.

In honor of our inaugural WineBerserkers day, FOUR lucky Berserker’s who make a purchase AND post a comment on this thread will be randomly chosen to receive a .750 bottle “Magnum” of our Mission Port (Retail $98)! This drawing will be held on the Monday following BD14…

Ken Deaver stoops his broad shoulders to uncork a bottle of Zinfandel, wearing his trademark denims and cowboy hat, and you soon learn that Ken knows his Red Grapes/Wines.

Deaver Vineyards has a deep, rich history in Amador County with over 5 generations of Deavers growing wine grapes.

A drive over Deaver’s 300 acres will take you past some 150-year-old Zinfandel vines along with an original eight acre planting of 160-year-old Mission vines, so called because they were brought from Mexico by the Jesuits and Franciscans. These Deaver mission vines were planted around 1854 by Ken Deaver’s great-great grandfather John Davis. His son, Ken’s great grandfather, planted the original Zinfandel vineyard a decade later.

Mission Vineyard

This vineyard is one of the oldest in Amador County along with being one of the oldest commercial Mission vineyards in the country. The vines were planted around 1854 and are still producing the grapes for our Mission style wines. They have also been sourced by several wineries along the West Coast over the years .

Zinfandel Vineyards

For decades, the Deaver’s Zinfandel grapes were sold exclusively to home winemakers. The first vintage of Deaver Vineyards Estate Zinfandel was bottled under the Deaver “Lakeshore” label in 1985.

All Estate Grown Vines…Certified California Rules Sustainable Winegrowing (Certified Green)

Unfortunately we are not able to ship to AK, HI, IL, MS, NH, NY, UT, and WI.

We very much appreciate your support of our small family winery. Thank you.

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I had the privilege of trying these wines and very much enjoyed the experience. For a nice write up about the producer, please check out Ken Zinn’s (@Ken_Zinns) trip report. It sounds like a fascinating vineyard.

Deaver Wines ( via @bddehn) shared the bottles for review free of charge. Thank you for sharing.

2018 Signature Zinfandel - California, Amador county, 15% abv

Pop and pour at cellar temp, 2 weeks after delivery. Under cork.

It was an enchanting dark purple in the glass. Initially greeted by a robust aroma of black fruits and black pepper. At 15%, I was expecting some alcohol in the nose, but it was not present. The fruit was up front on tasting but again, the alcohol was not. It was pleasant to consume with a balance between the expected brambly berries and savory herbs of a classic zin. There was not a lot of oak or tannin but the texture was full bodied. The finish was the same as the first taste, berry fresh, and it will likely round out over the next few years. True to it’s history, it brought back memories of childhood spritzers made with my Mom’s Sutter Home.

2017 Petite Sirah - California, Amador county, 15% abv

Pop and pour at cellar temp, 2 weeks and a day after delivery. Under screwcap.

An inky purple in the glass that slowly eased after the swirl. The aroma was fruit forward with blueberry and chocolate and, if tasting with the nose, it was expected to be rich. This, however, was not the entire story as there was a balance between additional flavors of black pepper and tea that leveled with the aromas and alcohol. It was thick but in a come-hither way. Very fun and only left with smiles.

NV 1854 Mission Port - California, Amador county, 19% abv

Pop and pour at cellar temp, 3 weeks after delivery. Trigger warning under wax in a 375mL

Claret in the glass. Mission grapes are something new to me as is this type of port. I really enjoyed the experience and am grateful to have had it sent my way. The wine is something of a mystery yet very familiar. The smell reminded me of the fall here in New England. There were hints of the apple pie my friend’s mom from Montreal would make. Her secret was to add maple syrup and raisins in with the apples but this didn’t have the richness of the 2 sticks of butter that she also included. Maybe it was the link to dessert wine but I think it would go well with vanilla ice cream.

NV Zinfandel Port- California, Amador county, 19% abv

Pop and pour at cellar temp, 3 weeks and 3 days after delivery. Trigger warning under wax in a 375mL

Lush purple in the glass. This is like going out for dessert after a nice meal. It has the hallmarks of Zin but is re-branded as a before bedtime treat. The dark berries are confited and the dark chocolate is tempered with black coffee. The Deaver website suggests adding it to brownie mix or chocolate chip cookies but I would suggest pairing it with spumoni first. If it’s still there in the morning, then maybe add it to your baked goods.

Overall, the wines were fun and the ports were a delightful experience. It was really my pleasure to give them a try. (As per WB guidance, these wines were provided free of charge in exchange for this tasting review)

I reserve the right to edit this further,

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I also was fortuitous to partake in the tasting of this unique and interesting offering. Brad generously sent 4 complimentary bottles so I could write up my notes for the community. So here they are:

2018 Amador County Alicante Bouschet
Pours inky violet with a garnet rim. Nose shows cocoa, roasted coffee and raspberry liquor. On the palate, it’s a bit lighter on its feet with black berry and some chocolate notes. Tannins and acidity are low to medium. Finish could be a bit longer. Overall a well made, drinkable wine.

2018 Amador County Zinfandel Signature
More brick garnet in color. Nose is more fragrant with red/black berry aromas, smoky bbq. On the tongue this is very pretty. Bright fruit, Black Forest cake. Acidity is on point; tannins are low. Bit of burn on the long finish but I can see this working great with Mexican stewed pork/beef. Delicious.

NV California 1854 Mission Port
Pouring garnet/amber in color. This is pure figgy pudding on the nose with a minor hint of candied almonds and hazelnuts. Fresh, bright, medium sweet on the palate; I detect notes of Christmas cake, molasses & almost an Italian amaro flavor (in a good way). The finish turns more complex and coaxes me back for another sip. A surprisingly good dessert wine from a surprising grape variety!

NV Amador County Zinfandel Port
Pours a dark ruby red into the glass. Aromas start off with raspberry/strawberry liqueur with a hint of black fruit jam. The notes on the palate jump from bright fruit to dried dates and golden raisins. There is enough acidity to keep it from straying into flabby territory; but then again, it’s not overly sweet to begin with. The finish, unfortunately turns a bit hot (19% abv) and metallic but somehow it disappears rather quickly.

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Andy, go ahead and attempt now…

Works now! Port order in . . . had to add some non BD14 ports / wines that caught my attention!

Thank you sooo much Michael for our “First” order AND for looking around on the Web-page (and adding additional wines that interested you)!! FYI, we are including you in the “Bonus Bottle” program.


Woof woof. This dog got some port for the wife…

Thanks for being part of this great day

Hi Brad

I just tried to order the 3 pack of reds but it said it could not be shipped to CT but i don’t think CT was on your list of no ship states?


Hi Andy,
Sorry, we can ship to CT but we go through a local shipper. Please give me a quick call if you can and I can take the order directly. Some of the little hurdles of a small winery.


Jon, I am sure your wife will really enjoy these ports.
Thanks very much.

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Brad - thanks for your help - looking forward to trying the wines!

Receipt just sent…Thank you and let me know what you think of the Reds!

Thank you Ming Shui for your recent Port Sampler order…enjoy

Looking forward to try these out.

I wish I’d poked around the website a little more. I love dessert wines and zins. I’ll have to go back once the wallet recovers from today.

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Thanks Ming and look forward to you trying these and the other wines you are interested in!!