NYC Sat Jun 15 With Marcus Goodfellow - Goodfellow Sparkler Tasting, BYO Party + FREE Glasvin!

It’s been 2 years since the successful Goodfellow vs. Burgundy blind tasting (RECAP IS HERE)

Marcus and Megan are back in NYC and a few of us (@Rodrigo_B @Seth_Rosenberg ) wanted to check out the freshly released sparklers. And then do a BYO event to share fun wines with Marcus. And to ensure proper glassware, @davidkong is offering souvenir GLASVINS to try out and take home (we still need to pick the shape!).

We’ll have the whole restaurant to ourselves, but it’s a cozy setup - so it is limited to ~20 seats!

I will collect payment once details are confirmed, within a week or two

  • $160/person (for restaurant buyout, corkage and 1 free GLASVIN - $40 value!
  • Cafe D’Anvers ( a new Belgian bistro at 100th & Lexington, near the Rosethal Wine Merchant store on the Upper East Side)
  • 6:00PM on Saturday June 15th Goodfellow tasting starts 6:15PM sharp!)
  • Seating tasting of three Goodfellow sparklers
  • Afterwards, family-style BYO (either seated or walk-around)
  • Restaurant only seats 20 people + 5 bar stools
  • Bring a nice bottle (or two)! Let’s open the fun stuff for Marcus!
  • I’ve heard Marcus enjoys (“new things”, “anything”, Bubbles, Riesling, Burgundy, Barolo, Loire Reds and Whites)

Seats Confirmed

  1. Marcus
  2. Megan
  3. @Shan_A (2019 Cedric Bouchard Roses VV)
  4. @Shan_A +1 (2006 Taittinger Comtes Rose + blinded white)
  5. @phil.lukeman
  6. @Craig_G
  7. @davidkong
  8. @Bryan_B
  9. @J0hnEhrl1ng
    10.@Alan_Comroe (Bar Seat)
    11.@Alan_Comroe +1 (Bar Seat)
    13.@Dan_A +1
    16.@Seth_Rosenberg 1990 Drouhin Mouches
    20.@Joseph_Grass +1 (Bar Seat)
    21.@Joseph_Grassa (Bar Seat)
  10. @Manuel_Coquet
  11. @Manuel_Coquet +1
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@Shan_A I’m also interested in joining!


I guess we won’t run out of glasses! :sweat_smile: :innocent:

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Sounds like an awesome event, unfortunately won’t be able to make this one

I’m in

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Count me in!

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Sorry to hear that!

Thanks for organizing all of this Shan!

We’ll bring a couple of fun wines for after the Goodfellow wines. I’ll dig through the cellar and come up with something.

I know $100 eliminates most Riesling and quite a few other interesting white wines so hopefully it’s a guideline?

We’re excited for the visit, and really looking forward to getting a chance to sit down and have dinner with everyone!

Shan, intriguing theme, count me in. Marcus, is there a 2018 Goodfellows Durant Chardonnay or other vintage that i could purchase for the tasting? would love to do a side by side or after the structured tasting. (I can email you separately.)

Hi Julie, are you saying to compare a still versus sparkling counterpart, side-by-side? That sounds like a great idea! I think we would need 3 bottles of the still to do this. The restaurant has thicker (but serviceable) machine made glasses one could use for the comparison.

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Sad to miss but headed to Beaune the following week.

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I am Very Interested in this; sign me up, please!

I would like to sign up!

I would like to sign up please.

Put me down. I think I can maybe attend. I can confirm as I get closer to the date. I had a blast last time. It will be great to see you again Shan!

Please add me to the list!

Will finalize with restaurant later this week and start collecting Venmo/Zelle

Hi Julie,

I’ll look to see if I can put my hands on the 2018 Durant Chardonnay, though I know where a bottle of the 2018 Whistling Ridge is. Would that work?

Or are you looking to compare the vineyards with still wines and the sparkling? If thats yhe case, I’ll look for 19 Durant Chardonnay (47% of the base wines used for the Durant BdB was 19 Durant). The Whistling Ridge BdB could be compared with 2019 Richard’s Cuvee or 2021 as well.

Feel free to email me,

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Shoot, I am sorry to hear that Andrew. How long are you in Burgundy?

I’d like to join. I’ll be in NYC for the VCC event on the previous day.