NYC Sat Jun 15 With Marcus Goodfellow - Goodfellow Sparkler Tasting, BYO Party + FREE Glasvin!

That’s great to hear, we’ll be there as well. Mark’s invitation was the genisis for this trip to NY.

Hi Shan,

Megan and I are planning on bring a bottle of 2013 Clos St. Sophie and a magnum of 2005 Matello Souris.

I am going to see if I can make it. Should know this weekend

Looks like I’ll make back from vacation to attend so put me down and my wife Claudia as my +1 thanks.

@Shan_A doesn’t look like Marcus and Megan are included in your current headcount for the event, not sure if that is deliberate or not, but figured I’d note it just in case

Nothing gets by you… I am certainly playing with fire. Eyeballing the space figured 22 would be OK, but am talking with restaurant later this week… my wife and I can sit at the bar if needed!

One question is… should we have two separate long tables… so the BYO is seated (and we’ll mix up the seats)… or have it more casual with one table removed etc., so BYO is more casual and mingling. It’s a cozy spot, so I’m not 100% what is right. Society of the Chantepleure (Loir society of NY) will be throwing an event there 2 days earlier, so I may learn from them!

Would be happy to join

Would love to join can you put me down with a plus one on the waitlist

Thanks for adding me to the waitlist also have no problem sitting at the bar if needed so you don’t need to consider that

They sorta did that at one of the Di fara events I went to, there were some tables for eating but most people were standing for much or most of the event.

That certainly makes it easier!

Cant believe I did not see this sooner! Julie G and I are in if there is room, or please add us to the wait list.

We are LIVE. I visited and spoke to the restaurant. Can do 20 seated and at least 2 at the bar (potentially 4, need to confirm that). We’ll do seating in one long row. After the food service is complete, we’ll remove some of the tables to free up room for more mingling.

  • Shared plates for the champagne tasting
  • Choice of appetizer
  • Choice of mezze
  • Choice of entree
  • Choice of mousse for dessert

For those signed up, please send me $ via Venmo to @realshan to hold your seat. Will free up any seats if funds not received by 5/17.

If you have any dietary requirements pleaes let me know ASAP so it can be planned accordingly.

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Would love to be added to the waitlist as well+1. Thanks!

Updated list (for anyone who hasn’t paid yet, if you could do so, it would be appreciated)

@Joseph_Grassa I moved you off the waitlist to bar seating alongside @Alan_Comroe - if you can please let me know if that works for you.

Awesome. We are good with that. Thank you!

All seats are confirmed! Will email everyone soon with a poll for glasses and any food restrictions.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I was unable to attend the tasting two years ago, so I sold my ticket a few weeks beforehand. I might be able to attend this tasting. If you can add me to a waiting list or if something opens up, please let me know. Thanks.