Vieux chateau Certan 1998-2019: June 14th lunch tasting

I can bring 2 decanters alongside a funnel, durando, corkscrews etc. Let me know what time you’re thinking of getting to the restaurant to open the wines Mark.

I can bring 4 extra stems for you Craig

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I’ll bring 3 decanters, a funnel, and 2 extra corkscrews.

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Thank you all. Looks like we have enough volunteers.

I’ll be staying in midtown in case anyone would like to do a wine-something on Saturday the 15th.

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I’ll be staying in midtown in case anyone would like to do a wine-something on Saturday the 15th.
[/NYC Sat Jun 15 With Marcus Goodfellow - Goodfellow Sparkler Tasting, BYO Party + FREE Glasvin!

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Mark - I had not given this lunch any serious thought, but having had lunch at MP Taverna last Saturday, and always being willing to try new stuff - OK, I had some VCC before some of you attendees were born - is there any room left? If not, no big deal, but I might be interested. Rebecca probably less so.

PS - Are you sure about the Taramasalata? They told me that they didn’t make it, but maybe it was just that day. The rest of the food was excellent.

We are unfortunately full, with one on the wait list. Happy to put you on the list.

The Taramasalata was a special addition, as the one time we had it I loved the brine and the smoke not to mention a strong garlicky element. It should work well with the Champagne and Chardonnays.

Oh well. The early bird gets the worm. There are so many ways to make Taramasalata that I wanted to try theirs. Their hummus was the first one that Rebecca liked and since I make my own, it is easy to replicate their flavors, so it was worth it. My Melitzanasalata is better than theirs. If you come to the next Berserkerfest here, I will try to remember to make some.

Checked in with the restaurant. They have Libby glassware. Not sure I would recommend it.

Question for everyone. If the weather is decent, they have a large open tent outside. Would you rather be outside or inside?

As long as it is not too hot, outside is definitely more fun.

No strong preference.

Same here, though I believe I’ve only ever eaten there under the tent, so a new setting inside could be nice


Just a quick update on a change that is probably an upgrade. I found I only had a single bottle of the 2008, but have access to a couple of bottles of the 2010.


Quick update just to say as though the weather will be cooperating and the vote was overwhelmingly to go outside.

Otherwise everything is basically as per previous posts, and I know it’s boring to keep saying it, but please bring glassware.


I have one seat available. Please PM me if you are in interested.

I think @J_a_y_H_a_c_k was interested?

I sent a PM, but have not heard from him.