NYC: Rose bash: May 3rd

This is an annual event for us b/c

  1. I used to poopoo Roses and it’s good to remind oneself of being a dolt
  2. I like to have a “buying guide” for annual Rose consumption
  3. It’s real fun

Important note - this is a civilian friendly event, and we invite many Normal People so you must be willing to play nice :wink:

Logistics - We will start about an hour before sunset. Our place uptown. DM for address.

Wines - I’ll be providing the below plus a case of random Roses. We ask everyone to bring at least two different Roses. In general, the goal is to go very broad and have a mix of simple sippers & complex statements.

No. Rose Champagne is not allowed.

I will provide:
'18 Andremily Rose
'21 Sylvain Pataille Marsannay Rose “Fleur de Pinot”
'20 Tempier Rose (Mag) - credit to @Joseph_Grassa for introducing me to this fantastic bottling.
'21 Tempier Rose
'22 Tempier Rose
'21 Pascal Cotat Chavignol Rose
'22 Pascal Cotat Chavignol Rose
'20 Tercero Mourvèdre Rosé
'21 Tercero Mourvèdre Rosé
'22 Tercero Mourvèdre Rosé - excited to try @larry_schaffer
'23 Bedrock ‘Ode to Lulu’
'23 Goodfellow Rose
Les Fouques 2022 Cotes de Provence La Londe “Cuvee L’Estelle” Rosé
Lambert, Patrick 2021 Chinon Rose
Guion 2022 Bourgueil Rosé
Bonnefoy (La Madone) 2022 Cotes du Forez Rosé Gamay sur Volcan
Clos du Joncuas 2022 Gigondas Rose
Charvin 2022 Cotes du Rhone Rose
Jullien, Thomas 2022 Ventoux Sur la Rose
Baudry, Bernard 2023
Casaretti 2021 Bardolino Classico Rosa dei Casaretti
Mourgues du Gres 2022 Costieres de Nimes Galets Rosé
Muller-Ruprecht 2023 Pfalz Pinot Noir Rosé
Tessier 2022 Cheverny Rose

Some posts here that discuss various Roses:
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A brosé bronanza with the brochachos - WINE TALK - WineBerserkers

Looking forward to locking things down and having a blast!


Julie G & I both intend to be there as long as we don’t have conflicts with the final date. I have a few wines in mind!

Love it, if the date works out I’m down for it.

The best I can promise is not to be too weird.

Given it’s you, Sam, I know what a tremendous effort that will require and will allow.

It’s also conditional on @phil.lukeman behaving himself.

Please keep me updated, I’d love to go if available. I also have a friend, very much into wine, that might accompany. I could bring a Sabelli-Frisch white Zinfandel, which is a serious take on this much maligned category. I might also be able to get my hands on a LdH Rosado Gran Reserva, though promises on that front! Keep me posted!

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More than happy to provide background data on my roses if desired . . .


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Hi Gavin, my wife and I would be interested depending on the date, sounds like a great time.

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And I do have a pretty killer special on my roses this weekend :wink:

I would like to come, subject to all the normal qualifications about date and conflicts and client demands and all that crap. I will bring a SQN La Gallinita, which I think I can find and should be a crown pleaser, and how about a 2016 Tercero Mourvedre Rose, which I may still have, just to see how Rose will age!


Would love to come with a +1 if dates work out and there is room. Happy to see a Harlem event. Thinking of bringing out a Mondeuse rosé and maybe a Muscat + Cabernet Sauvignon fizzy wine, both from California (Bien Nacido and Santa Cruz, respectively).

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If the date is open I’m 100% there! Love me some rose :slight_smile:
Gavin & Nicole are the best hosts!

End of April is busy for me but depending on date I might be able to make it.

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I’ll be away end of April/beginning of May, but if the date works I’m down!

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I have some unusual roses and would love to join as my first WB offline! Pls let me know details once finalized!


Do we have a date for this @gavin.f ?

Will be first week of May. Deciding on thurs/fri/sat.

I’m in if its May 2nd (Thursday)

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In for thu 2 or fri 3. can’t do sat 4

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