NYC - Blind Tasting Dinner

This is how Jay gets rid of his old vodka and red dye.

We old guys have to use all the tricks in the book.

Taking notes

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If it ain’t 180 proof poured in the back of an old synagogue on the outskirts of Moscow to celebrate smuggling things into the USSR for a foreign power, it doesn’t count as Vodka. But I digress. That’s for another day.

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There’s a lot to unpack there…

Thanks for organizing a great night, Peter, and thanks everyone for bringing such delicious (and baffling, to me!) wines.


How was this event? Any notes? Any highlights? I am really sad I missed this one.

Thanks everyone for coming! I thought the highlights, for me personally, were the RWT, SQN, CADE Howell Mountain and the Kosta Brown. Turns out I’m not bad at blind tasting the wines I like and drink all the time and pretty bad at guessing Italian wines… I guess I need more practice! We’re going to do another one soon… keep an eye out for the announcement.


Thanks again for hosting another brilliant evening Peter. You had a lot of good company, including me, in the “wild ass guesses about southern European wines” rounds.

We didn’t vote on a “best under $40 wine” but I’d guess it was @Joseph_Grassa ‘s Aglianico, which had the distinction of being identified by absolutely no-one but rated by everyone above the more expensive wine. Joe, can you share the specs on that bottle?

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Great evening! Lots of interesting wines and again great service from Corkbuzz. Always great to see everyone.

2020 Elena Fucci Titolo (Aglianico del Vulture) - I paid $32.85 all in a few months ago, WS Avg in US is $45.

Aged and fermented in 200L French oak, 50% new. I believe it is 1 yr in the barrels.

They age very well. I brought a 2003 to a Berserker dinner back in Jan and it was one of the favs on the night, but still had plenty of years left.

Last night’s bottle was slow oxed at 58 degrees for 6 hours. Probably 2 more hours open at Corkbuzz before we got into it.

Glad you liked it!


Please note the Riesling bottle was not Riesling and the SQN was a different SQN. We’re also missing one Nebbiolo from the line up.

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While not a well taken photo - I believe this captures the spirit well.


Great night. Lots of surprises.
Thanks Peter and attendees. Format and brings really made it a fun and educational event.

Almost left my notes and found these while looking for mine. Sending picture in case they matter to owner.

It was a lovely night with some interesting wines and delicious food. Great to see people again and nice to meet those of you who were new to me. And thanks of course to Peter for the whole organization and setup.
Best regards,


Gavin, I have absolutely no idea what any of those notes say brother LOL. Especially the 2nd page. I’m saying this from 1 guy with bad handwriting to another.

ah, I was unclear.

Those are not my notes.

Someone else left them so I posted them here so they can see them.

Not that mine are much neater…

Ah! I suppose I rushed when I read your comment. Either way, the handwriting is amazing lol.

Left one is mine. I think I was trying to write down the correct answers once they were revealed but I doubt my chicken scratchings are helpful to anyone (including to myself) and I obviously gave up at some point lol

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