NYC - Blind Tasting Dinner

Catching up on some notes. I was not present for the white flight.

Wine #1

@J_a_y_H_a_c_k shared this had a multi-hour decant on it.

Medium red color. Medium opacity. No obvious staining.Completely Arresting on the first nose. Cooling herbal gusts calling menthol to mind (in an elevated way). Olive tapenade, Red licorice, red fruit, jekey x prosciutto. The tannins are royal and smooth. Acidity still alive. Alcohol well integrated. Finish is complete. So much here and also feels like it has over a decade to go and will continue to evolve. Wine like this is art.

At the end of this, I was in the syrah camp.

2001 SQN Patine Grenache

@Jay please correct me if I have the vintage wrong. Know you mentioned needing to check. I could only find 2011 for this

Wine #2

Similar appearance as the above. More funk on the nose. More lifting than brooding. red fruit. Cherry. Still something herbal.

This was strange. Left me thinking strange CdP. Tasty

Thomas rivers brown Outpost 2011 Grenache Howell mountain

(Saved till the end - dead @ 8pm)

Wine #3

Light and lifted and tart. This is not a young wine, but comes across incredibly youthful.
Really needs a lot time. Still fresh at 9pm.
2007 R. López de Heredia Rioja Reserva Viña Bosconia

Wine #4

Dark red - more opaque. Big legs. American Oak. Little tca? Some stewed fruit. Tannins are smooth. Many appreciative nodes around the table for this one. 2007 Marqués de Murrieta “Castillo Ygay” Gran Reserva Especial Rioja

Need to taste more Riojas.

My brings

Wine #5

Clearly an old wine. Some bricking color fading. Dried Violet. Old leather. Tart cherry. Tobacco. Mostly tertiary, the rest of the fruit having faded. Smooth. Good acid. Medium finish. If you have any left, drink them now.

1998 Pertinace (Cantina Vignaioli) Barbaresco

Cork was nightmare to pull. Double decanted 5.5hrs before the event. On the open, it was clean and weirdly smelled like fudge brownie…

Don’t wait any more this is on maturity plane and maybe just over the shoulder

Wine #6

Funky and young.
2019, Retica Alpine Nebbiolo (1L)

Wine #7

Light red color. Translucent. Some fine sediment. Ripe red fruit - very ripe -almost sweet, but so smooth. Not overly complex, but there are some secondary notes - bramble for example. Mushroom? Enough acid to bring balance, but nothing untowards. It’s a really scrumptious wine. Not on the decline at all, but mature.

The coloring, fruit and structure, this was clearly classic well aged burgundian pinot. Did not think it was this old.

Domaine Bart, Bonnes Mares, Grand cru 2003

Wine #8

Upon pour, I got diaper, but blew off. Fine tannins. Rhubarb. Cherry. More acid than it’s peer.

2005 Domaine Joseph Roty Marsannay Ouzeloy