Last Night for Dinner we had Chicken. Lemon, & Orzo Soup with Sardines and a 1983 Crozes-Hermitage B

Is your avatar wearing a rug? Tim?

I appreciate you calling that to my attention as I have avatars turned off. [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]

I don’t think it’s a rug.

Don’t know…but I sure as shit bet he doesn’t roll on Shabbos!

No way is he MOT. Not a chance.


Gawd I don’t think we’d let him in if given the option. If it’s by birth sure you have to but…just no.

And I’m pretty sure that in the 5,000 years of Hebrewdom there’s never been an MOT names Francis. Just not how we roll.

At least not on Saturday.

Yeah, pretty sure he’s not. But if you do ever run into him, ask him about his stint working in the coroner’s office.

No on Saturday we sit still, waiting for the Shabbos goy to go get us stuff.

Sounds like an easy five bucks.

Well, he has to trim the steaks before he cooks dinner. Luckily he can simultaneously grade papers, so it’s basically double billing.

I am truly enjoying this thread. [worship.gif]


As I recall, FS claimed Greek heritage.

And Texela, we’ll pay $5 for the service, if you mean fortnightly.



I didn’t think any of this would be interesting to anybody.

It is VERY interesting to at least one individual that knows his way around a hanger steak.

As this is no longer associated in any fashion with food, can we have it moved to The Asylum?


Is this sort of like Voldemort where you never actually say his name? Or is the fear that, likenCandyman, if you say the name 3 times, he’ll come back?

If the Greek chef comes back, Ima gonna tell him that Daddy feels like a gyros.