Last Night for Dinner we had Chicken. Lemon, & Orzo Soup with Sardines and a 1983 Crozes-Hermitage B

That isn’t really him, is it?

It should be pointed out that we have willfully trashed this thread and turned it into nonsense without substance.

Care to make a steak dinner bet?

Just for you Smarty Clown…

Note that it’s a magnum. [cheers.gif]

And, it is only Tuesday night. I haven’t even started to drink yet.

Where to start…

By the way Tim, you failed on the apple/pear challenge. All has not been forgotten, nor forgiven.

I’m always letting people down.

More evidence – this was actually the first time I met him. This is when he told everyone at dinner he was a cardiothoracic surgeon who studied at Johns Hopkins.

You want is really fun? This sub-forum is open to the world. Anyone can see it, but yet only registered members can post or respond.

Hey that’s Ken V! What’s he doing in that picture?

Small hands. Explains quite a bit.

I keep forgetting we’re in EE.

You know he still lurks about.

But in a chicken soup thread? [popcorn.gif]

It’s not chicken soup, it’s Progresso chicken, lemon, and orzo soup.

The orzo is the game changer.


Kind of like how The Dude’s rug really tied the room together.

Did I urinate on your rug?

I don’t think so.