Last Night for Dinner we had Chicken. Lemon, & Orzo Soup with Sardines and a 1983 Crozes-Hermitage B

Last night for dinner, we had Progresso Chicken, Lemon, and Orzo Soup with Sardines. The soup was enhanced with a small tin of light and dark meat chicken, enough chicken broth when added to the broth from the canned chicken to make a cup, and a bit of tarragon. The sardines were enjoyed, on bread for me and crackers for Carollee, with fennel olive oil and a red pepper-feta cheese mix. Wine was a 1983 Jaboulet-Vercherre Crozes-Hermitage Blanc - fill at the junction between the neck and the bottle, cork saturated a rough inch and a half; good secondary and tertiary white & yellow fruit with just a hint of oxidation, barely adequate acidity; with a medium-long developed fruit finish. The wine was very good with the soup and sardines.

Then for dessert we had TJ"s Mixed Raisins and Zante Currants with Mixed Nuts and the second half of the bottle of 1991 Port that we had the other night.

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