💃 Jan 27th EXTENDED Veleta Spanish Wines / EVOO / Tuna / Vinegar / Rice / Spice / Sardines / The Durand®

Oh good! I only have about 2 ounces of olive oil left! Crisis!!!

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i have a notice from UPS that a label has been created back on 2/24 but no shipping has occurred at this time
checking to see when the vinegar may be shipping?

Hey Nola, when will you be shipping the wine and EVOO we ordered? We are officially out of your EVOO!!! Whoop-whoop-whoop!

I am packing it up and everything except the 2024 EVOO orders should be picked up by Monday!

As usual it takes me a bit to get them all packed and either dropped off or picked up.

Wine shipments will be going out this Monday as well.

Sorry for the delays.

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No worries, thank you for your response and especially for your excellent products!

Oh thank you. I used the last of my EVOO today!

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How the hell can you be out? Order 6 bottles in September then 6 bottles on BD and your never out, I don’t understand people :slight_smile:

I share.

I am getting them out as quickly as I can… :yellow_heart: :heart:

If you got a shipping notice, I had a pickup this afternoon of a couple hundred parcels. So check your tracking numbers and if you find a couple broken fingernails, they’re mine :grimacing::rofl::flushed:

I have a few more to get thru this weekend.

If you preordered the 2024 EVOO, and you need the rest of your shipment before it arrives please let me know.


Got mine today.

The sticker on the outside, “fragile, contains olive oil” is kinda funny given that the way these are packed, you can run a asphalt roller over it, and nothing would be broken inside!

Thanks again!

Ha! My thoughts exactly, Mikko. Nola is clearly taking no chances that some fumble-fingered delivery person will break any bottles :+1: :sunglasses:

You would be surprised… I can’t tell you how many boxes they break… and don’t take responsibility for… :roll_eyes:

Got my Orujo de Vino today. Whoa! That will clear your sinuses. Has a soft creaminess to it with some nuttiness and vanilla. Reminds me of an almond infused grappa that I had a few years ago.

And they start!!

Well mine arrive safely yesterday, and I was already cooking with some new EVOO today. Nola you are a lifesaver!

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Mine arrived last week.
The packaging was good - for safe transit. Reading about Nola’s issues with shipping, I see she was careful in the packaging.
Already used the Olive Oil and the Pedro Ximenez Sherry Vinegar, which has a nice tangy bite and richer profile than regular sherry vinegar.
Also used the Durand for a 1990 Château de Beaucastel Châteauneuf-du-Pape. That came in handy.

Thank you Nola.

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Was the oil the 2024?

The 2024 EVOO is not here yet. He has the 2023 harvest.

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