💃 Jan 27th EXTENDED Veleta Spanish Wines / EVOO / Tuna / Vinegar / Rice / Spice / Sardines / The Durand®

Opening a Veleta tuna belly, regular tuna, and a mackerel in your honor, right now.

Anton!!! You are amazing!!!
I am sitting here at home with my friend @BobRoalef and just opened a can of Mussels, which he had never tried… and said they were the best he had ever tried!!!
Earlier, I enjoyed a can of ventresca all by myself and was selfishly indulged!!

Always my first stop on Berserker Day.

I ordered twice last year after I realized I was going to run low on lots of stuff. This year’s order was buffering my stocks of Ventrusca and Sardines. Plus Olive Oil and giving the PX Sherry a go. Plus more smoked paprika for my popcorn.

I enjoy the olive oil and vinegar on my salad most days of the week!

Thanks Nola!

Hey Chris, Thank you for your support and love for my Veleta products!! LMK how you want the shipping sequenced.

Because I am not buying anything else today I am asking for a friend. When do you think your 2024 EVOO would ship?

I’m well stocked for a while so whatever is easiest on you works for me.

My US inspired answer… full of what I want to happen in a timely manner is late March shipment…arriving in April… but villagers have a different pace than me.

Looking forward to trying everything - in for a grand veleta and a tuna belly :slight_smile:

Thanks Phil!! Looking forward to getting everything shipped out.

By the way! Unlike some previous years, I have everything IN STOCK except obviously the new 2024 EVOO and the harvest is under way now! I’m keeping the Offers open and available!!
:rofl: :heart: :rofl:

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Nola, as I am trying not to buy any more wine, I just ordered up a whole bunch of wonderful food items from you! I hope I am not pushing it re timing!

Not at all Ann. I will keep the offers up for a while like I normally do. Thank you for coming back and supporting me!

Big hugs!! :heart:

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Thanks all who ordered this year! :heart: :yellow_heart: :heart: :yellow_heart:

I am extending the offer of free shipping thru Sunday, Feb 11th.
I am running in short supply of the Ventresca, but I have enough for all the current orders!! :berserker:
I’m organizing the orders and first shipments will roll out this week, weather dependent and as quickly as I can.
The only item that is NOT IN STOCK is the 2024 EVOO. As as I have updates on the harvest and when I have a ship from Spain date, I’ll let everyone know.
:heart: :yellow_heart:

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Ha, not exactly new. My friends and I have been into conservas for decades! But I think there was a covid-fuel boom.

Hi Nola - I was wondering about shipping for the stand-alone Durand orders since those are not weather dependent. Thanks!

I just got them in from Durand yesterday and am going to go thru the orders and begin packaging up for shipping. Planning on shipping the stand alone orders in a padded envelop as the boxes are very sturdy. If you NEED the Durand sooner, I can do it on a one by one basis.

I do find with these shipments, I end up with less errors if I can keep everything together, and it is less costly on the logistics end. Again though, if you need it sooner, please send me a message.

Thank you for offering, but that’s not necessary; I can wait until you get through your orders as you have planned. Was wondering if you had them in stock or would be waiting on a shipment. Thank you.

I got an email to review a product that I haven’t received yet. Is that just the way the system times things? Or did it really ship? It was for the eau de vie (sp?).

It is just my crazy website. I am getting ready to ship a number of orders out this Monday!! :grin: :heart:


Thought so, but just wanted to be sure that I didn’t miss track a shipment. Thanks!

I came here looking for shipping information. My order has no EVOO, so hopefully it’ll be here soon. Thank you!

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