💃 Jan 27th EXTENDED Veleta Spanish Wines / EVOO / Tuna / Vinegar / Rice / Spice / Sardines / The Durand®

Yeah they are called TFPs all the new rage!!

Oh, my!

It’s big healthy fun!

I love things that get people to enjoy epicurean experiences. You’re gonna love it!

I think you’d like her,too.

It it’s made it to Pittsburgh, it’s everywhere.

Wait they are making fishy wine??

Ordered! Thank you! Great olive oil!!!

Order in, Sad I missed it last year. Excited to try. Thanks! Ugh, just got the text about fraud. Please run it again.

You’re keeping Chase fraud alert busy, Nola. My purchase was was initially declined.

My processing is thru Square… so please try again…

I’m not sure why??? Please don’t give up.

Weird, my only fraud alert today was for my Veleta purchase as well.

My wife trying to put in an order but site keeps spinning after putting in payment info. She tried twice with no luck. Maybe too busy?

It went through after I notified Chase that I recognized the charge.

How did I not notice the fried mussels ? Problem solved!

Mikko, were you able to place your order?

I sure did, thank you!
I wouldn’t let a pesky Forbes 500 financial institution to get between me and a tinned fish party.

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I really need to capitalize on the tinned fish party extravaganza… let’s make it happen!!!

Mike, was your wife able to get through???

We got an email we are now trying again.

That is so confusing . Let me know please.

She got it to go through. Good to go, thanks!