💃 Jan 27th EXTENDED Veleta Spanish Wines / EVOO / Tuna / Vinegar / Rice / Spice / Sardines / The Durand®

Thank you Jeffery!!! :heart:

In for EVOO & seafood sampler! Looking forward to trying y’all out

Order in for EVOO. Less than last year as it seems my young kids are now big kids guzzling olive oil. Will have to tuck this 6 pack away…

Thanks Andrew!! You will love it!! :heart:

Thank you so much!! :heart:
Nolita took a case of EVOO to college at the beginning of the Fall semester… took another case when she returned after the Holidays… But she’s in a suite with a full kitchen…I also got her an instapot!

Nola’s EVOO disappears so quickly!

Almost as fast as Morgan Ranch Steaks!!

So if anyone is wondering. The 2005 Cab is still drinking beautifully. Had one last week. The Tempranillos are still really good as well. I had a 2006 a while ago, and every bottle just keeps getting better. I also really love the sparklings, so def try some of those!

What a great comment Eric!! TY

I swear that was not a paid Advertisement, but Eric is right! These wines are some of the best priced but also food friendly, ageable wines you’ll have the pleasure to drink. Juan did good by those vintages!! Here’s a link to the Veleta Wine Deals BD15 Vinos

Nola’s Sparkling collection is a staple for Morgan Ranch deck parties. We’ve hosted all sorts of people with a welome glass of her sparkling - the Nebraska Community Foundation and WineBerserker Auction winners just to name a couple.
We always keep a supply on hand! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ok, sitting here planning our summer and decided we need more EVOO and wine for the summer!

I need a bit of R&R been a hell of a year… maybe I’ll drive it out to you.

Yep - I think it’s warranted!

In for the Sherry vinegar collection!
Still have olive oil from last year

Thank you Trent!! I really can’t say enough nice things about the new vinegars. I think you will really enjoy them.

Well, fellow Berserkers, you can tell by the number of replies how great Nola’s stuff is!

Don’t hesitate, it’s that good. (You know how they say, great product and great person? This is true!)

Order in!

Are these in country?

My son’s girlfriend has tinned fish parties, can’t wait to gift her some of these babies!

If you’re going as far as Nebraska, extend it to California, too! :wine_glass:

All in stock - All in my warehouse in Dayton, Ohio except the 2024 Olive Oil as it is being harvested.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Wait what? Tinned fish parties? Is that a thing? If so, I’ve been living my entire life wrong.