Goldbelly experiences

Kossar’s is significantly better. NY bagels are big, Essa’s are gigantic and I don’t get why they only seed 1 half of the bagel

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Yes I think that’s the answer, thanks for the idea [cheers.gif]


These are some of the best cookies I’ve ever had. I bought a couple at the bakery when we were in Napa earlier this month.

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Franklin is available right now if anyone has been seemingly waiting forever like me!

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Did not wake up today expecting to buy 5 lb of mail order brisket for August… but such is life [berserker.gif]

Just wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for the collective wisdom here on Goldbelly. I’m not able to get home for my mom’s 70th birthday this weekend and she doesn’t really have anyone else to celebrate with.

I’ve got the Zahav cookbook and think he’s such a cool dude, and my mom has heard me talk about all the stuff I’ve made from the book, so I thought that would be a great surprise. Called her a couple weeks back and told her to clear some space in the fridge and freezer but that that’s all I could say. I didn’t tell her it was Zahav. Welli did say it would be insanely too much food for one person but that she’d have a lot of fun playing with the flavor combinations and could freeze some of it once she got bored.

She just got the box and she’s ecstatic!!! Sooooo much food. Insane really for the price. There’s apparently a YouTube video that discusses how to prepare things and they also provide a Spotify playlist that they use at the restaurant!!! A really cool touch.

Thanks again all.


Bought the full Momofuku experience for delivery on December 23rd. Was randomly looking at my account for something else and noticed the delivery date was now Dec 1st. After reaching out I received this reply:

“I do apologize about your order arriving early then expect. Unfortunately we are cutting ties with Momofuku, so December 1, 2022 is the last delivery date for them.”

Kind of disappointed that they couldn’t fulfill their time obligations in spite of whatever business disagreements they may have had. we obviously had a plan for this on the 24th….at least there is plenty of time.

They did finally send an email yesterday that you can cancel or they will just ship at the end of the month.

For anyone interested it Looks like door dash is starting a Goldbelly like option as well. Hadn’t heard of it but they sent an email which gives $50 off a $75 order. I honestly couldn’t find much but I ended up with a whole cake from Milk for $27. They do have Katz deli which would have seemed like a decent option here as well.

Here is the
code SHIPSALE50 for $50 off your order of $74.99+, now - 11/30.