Goldbelly experiences

Quite a few things I’ve browsed and would love to try, but the prices Always seem inflated to just take a trial plunge. I’m sure to due shipping and GB’s cut. Turtle soup from Commanders seems like it would ship well, so That’s on my list when my Keto diet ends. DiFaria seems like it would be a fail?

What have you ordered and how did it work out?

In general, better to order directly from the shop.

For exmple, I have used it for Russ and Daughters a few times. But I always want to request “center cut” and “big, beautiful slices” for lox and “private reserve” for smoked sturgeon. I can do that on their site or call them up to modify an online order from their site. But not from GoldBelly. Where Goldbelly has an advantage is for big orders where R&D shipping charges will go up while Goldbelly’s stays closer to the minimum shipping.

I had $10 off $50 with Amex and it never penciled out to use it.

I agree Barry, order direct when you can. I’m assuming many of these places are now offering product because GB makes it easier. I’ve been trying to order Cochon Butcher for years but they won’t ship. Now they will on GB, but I’m not paying $25 Per for a le Pig Mac.

I used it for Ess a bagel a few times and was superb.
Used Amex $10 credit also.
Highly recommend.

They were the ones that handled my Cheesesteak delivery the other day. Didn’t know they were a culinary retailer.

I’ve used Goldbelly a lot. Mixed experiences:

Primanti’s - awful
DiFara - mediocre
Pizzeria Bianco - very good
Two Fat Cats - mediocre
Gino’s East - mediocre
Russ & Daughters - excellent but costly
Yonah Shimmel - good
Town Hall Deli - very good
Bread & Roses - excellent
Centerville Pie - very good
William Greenberg - very good
Sable’s - excellent

It’s rarely a good value but they offer some nice special occasion treats.

Primanti’s isn’t good period.

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Rolls for cheesesteaks and hoagies need to be fresh. Day old is no good. Sandwiches assembled and frozen can’t be much good.

Yeah primantis is garbage. The one time I went I was eating some sawdust dry sandwich and asked for sauce and the server was like “we don’t use sauce”. I told him “yeah I can tell…” first and last visit.

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Fool that I am, I ordered a cheesesteak for my first Primanti’s visit. It was served on white bread.

I have tried Ess bagel and Grand Traverse Pie Company and both were great.

I tried Primanti’s based on college era nostalgia circa 1976 - 1980. Back then it was one location at the docks that was only open Midnight to until Noon (I think). A Cheesesteak with Bacon and Egg was the thing. It was amazing from a “college guy after a night of partying” perspective. Fast forward to 2020, [barf1.gif]

If you order from Pat Lafreida now you have to use Goldbelly. My one interaction was perfect with that.

My son ordered a whole seasoned, rolled, and tied porchetta from LaFrieda using Goldbelly, delivered overnight to my office in Los Angeles. It arrived cold (the ice packs were still frozen), on time, and was delicious after he cooked it according to the enclosed directions.

Where did you go to school? Primanti’s is much better appreciated with a “belly full of beer”…

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The best bagels!

Carnegie-Mellon. Primanti’s, the “O”(RIP), and Vincent’s Pizza Park were the go-to’s. All required that “belly full of beer” to aid in digestion!

Somebody at Ohio State decided to rip off Primanti’s and bring in a Panini’s when I was there. It was glorious bar food until I ate a turkey sandwich one night and spent two days in the bathroom and bed. Still can’t look at that bread with soggy fries on it without wincing…from either place.

I looked at that, and love Ess a Bagel, but a two day old bagel seemed like it would show its age. Freezing fresh bread works, but weren’t these notably below one bought fresh?

They ship overnight so the bagels are pretty fresh. They wrap each bagel individually or 2 together.
I need to also mention that the nova is hand sliced!
The nova itself is worth the price!
The best I have ever tasted. Velvety smooth!

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