Goldbelly experiences

I’ve tried a range of the Pizza offerings from Goldbelly, both NY Style - DiFara, Pizzeria Bianco, Pasquale Jones, and Chicago Style - Ginos, Edwardos.

None were compelling or good values. Di Fara was the most disappointing and Bianco was the only one I reordered.


I’d second the recommendation on Pizzeria Bianco - I’m reordering the ‘Sonny Boy’ this time around. As far as ‘value’ it compares price-wise to what I’d get within about 10 miles from home, so a nice option to have in the freezer when I don’t have time to head out.

Second favorite has probably been the Chicago Style Sausage Deep Dish from Labriola, however the foil wrap that they use to maintain the crust is a bit of a PITA to remove after baking (which is what the instructions recommend.)

I highly recommend Ugly Drum pastrami!
Ordered the 3lbs. After I cut it in half to freeze I followed the directions and it came out perfectly.
Smoky tender and tasty! If you like pastrami you will not be disappointed.

Hard got me to order any mail order pastrami except from Katz’s. Their free shipping on any order above $99 is a winner!

But I’ll try Ugly Drum someday.

Soups are on sale. Anyone have any mind-blowing Goldbelly soup experiences to tout?

We have eaten at Katz’s and had the pastrami. Ugly Drum was better imo.

I tried the Essa Bagel delivery. Unfortunately I have to say that they tasted like day old bagels. A decent choice if you don’t have good bagels available locally but I’m going to struggle to finish them off (most went straight into the freezer of course).

My one and only experience was with Ora King during the recent 22% sale and it was fantastic. Better than any salmon I’ve bought locally.

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Bagel sale. Is Essa the go-to? Do they keep their texture after a freeze and thaw? 36 bagels is a bit much to finish fresh now that there are only three of us at home.

My wife likes them, they arrive a day old. I slice and freeze them. Day old is ok, I don’t like any 2 day old bagel.
Whether it’s worth it depends on your local alternatives.

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Ordered Bouchon macaroons as a surprise for my wife. Presentation is off the charts for a gift as They are packaged in a crazy nice box.

Having had 3 versions in the last few months these were very good. Fresher than Vegas but not quite as good as Yountville, although atmosphere bias might have played a role there.

All considered not really a bad deal.

Wow, I grew up in Madison and never in a million years would’ve imagined that someone outside of campus would get red brats from there! many a drunken night spent there…

That’s awesome! Just ordered something like 50 brats from them.

Mike’s Pastry

Got 10 cannoli from them. Shells wrapped individually and then boxed after bubble wrap inside. Separate box with filling and ice packs, small bundles of pistachios, mini chocolate chips and powdered sugar.
Very good, no broken shells.
Outstanding product in my view.

Sounds good, I hate soggy cannolis.

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I’ve been using Goldbelly a lot and I absolutely love them. That being said, some products just aren’t great for freezing and shipping. Meats that are not super moist or fatty can dry out, and sauces pre-applied to products can also dry out. Things like a chicken pot pie, gumbo, and banana pudding (which all have a lot of moisture) work great. BBQ can also work great if it’s something with fat. But on the other hand, I ordered Haddy B’s Nashville Hot Chicken, and although it was packaged perfectly the chicken was dry… I’ve never tried Haddy B’s in person but I imagine this is not how it was supposed to be. Also bear in mind, that they often put just enough cooling material for the shipping method, which is almost always overnight, so if there’s any delay you might have a problem (out of something like 30 orders this only happened once and Goldbelly promptly had the item resent at no additional cost).

In short, I’d highly recommend Goldbelly, but with the caveat that certain foods are just not well suited to freezing & shipping.

For what it’s worth, some of my best Goldbelly experiences thus far have been Picasso’s Pizza (Buffalo-style pizza), 4 Rivers Smokehouse (banana pudding), Cochon Butcher (New Orleans gumbo), Zola Bakes (rainbow cookies), Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop (chicken pot pie), and Melissa Cookston’s Memphis BBQ (BBQ ribs). I think I might try Mike’s Pastry next based on the comments above :slight_smile:

I find it interesting to read this thread to see what sorts of foods people are ordering. This is not meant as a criticism (your tummy, your choice), but I cannot ever imagine ordering cannoli, bread pudding, chicken pot pie, etc. I’ve only ordered meals (lox and bagels, BBQ, Zahav), but to each their own.

Ordered the Zahav Hummus & Salatim Spread solo, minus the Lamb shoulder. Zahav was backed up so I ordered over a month ago and forgot, but happy!

Does anybody have any other meat recommendations you might pair that can be easily sourced local or made in fairly short order to make a good combo?

Personally I think you can skip the meat and make an entirely satisfying meal from just the salatim. For me the hummus was the star of the entire meal

Get takeout kebobs. One of his other restaurants, Laser Wolf, does all the salatim, hummus and pita for the table, then you add a choice of grilled meat, many of them cooked on skewers. I love the salatim, but dinner needs a protein, for me.